3 massive areas Religious Laws can hurt Democracy

Can Religious Laws Coexist with Democracy

Can Religious Laws Coexist with Democracy
3 massive areas Religious Laws can hurt Democracy religious laws

Political parties rally to religious congregations to garner support from dedicated voters. Religious laws and rules are abused in the upper echelons by politics. Religious leaders have been known to “pardon” all, for many offenses. A rather suspicious combination. We wonder if religion has a place in democracy when it is abused so regularly in politics.

The inclusion of religion, and it’s domination over major politicians and cogwheels of our nations, sets aside constitutional laws for the power of the church. Lets take a look at some common religious laws, and see if they can coexist with common federal laws.

So Can Religious Laws Coexist?

Surely, if we can preach separation of church and state, we can practice it too? Well, in short, if you find yourself in a community or religion, that has you abide by their religious laws over state and federal laws, you’ll know why. For many of us, in which religion doesn’t play a big role; while not being burdened with seemingly illogical laws and rules, it poses a philosophical argument as to when relgion gets in the way of our laws.

Two valid points that need to be addressed:

First, for the individuals who accept the Bible, there’s no denying it censures homosexuality. While it tends to be discussed whether Jesus straightforwardly discussed homosexuality in his lessons. Jesus NEVER said, “Don’t beat your wife” either, yet the vast majority who pursue accepted standards get the point.

Can Religious laws coexist with government
3 massive areas Religious Laws can hurt Democracy religious laws

The second point is, it doesn’t make a difference what the Bible says with regards to the U.S. government framework. We are bylaws in this nation. Those laws enable us to live, generally, uninhibitedly as long as we don’t hurt others physically. When interference between rights and federal/state law occur, legislators and judiciaries will modify the law on new precedent to match constitutional rights.

We will continue until it changes — probably the most significant misguided judgment around is that our nation was shaped on Christianity. It was framed on the opportunity of religion. Individuals fled to North America to make tracks in the opposite direction from a state-set up faith in England. Christianity sprung to life in what turned into the U.S. since it wasn’t gagged to death by a harsh blend of religion and government.

Respect everyone

In any case, being honored to live in a free nation, I likewise acknowledge that it is so critical to accept others. Regardless of whether they have the same religious interest as you.

Mostly it, as I understand it, depends on me to carry on with an appropriate morality while sticking to the laws administering my local land. There’s not a law in this nation that keeps you from living a right and biblically-acceptable way of life. How I live is dependent upon me to choose, given I don’t infringe on the rights of others.

Marriage Laws

Marriage laws before the U.S. Preeminent Court deciding that legitimized gay marriage didn’t meet the bible script standards. The Bible instructs that except if an individual leaves an accomplice because their mate submitted infidelity, or kicked the bucket, at that point, they live in wrongdoing by wedding another. But a lot of judges stepped aside from performing these types of marriages. Because of what the bible says and not what the nations laws rally upon.

Can Religious laws coexist with government laws
3 massive areas Religious Laws can hurt Democracy religious laws

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis didn’t accept that gay couples ought to be permitted to marry. However, her very own way of life and different separations unquestionably don’t parallel with the guidelines of a similar book she used to protect her position. Her activities were misleading.

Dividing Ourselves

Once more, it’s merely one more approach to share ourselves. Rather than handling issues that Jesus invested the vast majority of his energy in Earth thinking about, for example, helping other people, we have fights about whether it’s OK for gay people to do pretty much anything, from wedding to embracing kids.

So if you don’t accept homosexuality, you have the right not to accept it and carry on with your life. You can shout everywhere about that; you won’t break the rules. But not the government, they must treat everyone fairly. Because if this doesn’t happen, the democracy cannot coexist with religious laws. So don’t hate to help the people that need and don’t point at others. Because everyone has rules and everyone deserves a life as they want. So spread this messages to everyone.

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