Our Vizio D65X-G4 Review

Our Vizio D65X-G4 Review

The Vizio D65x-G4 is an awesome 4k TV packed with features and a build that won’t dissapoint! Read our Vizio D65x-G4 Reveiw for more! Check out the Vizio D65X-G4 on Walmart for only $479!

Vizio D65X-G4 Overview

Our Vizio D65X-G4 Review

The Vizio D65x-G4 is a decent but basic 4K TV. The image quality is fine, but the TV lacks more advanced features like local dimming or a wide color gamut to produce deeper dark scenes or vivid HDR. The response time is fast, which is great for displaying sports without much blur and the TV has low input lag for gaming.

Vizio D65X-G4 Design

The design of the Vizio D65x-G4 is very functional. It has a wide and fairly stable support, though it wobbles a bit if pushed lightly. The back is plastic and the TV appears relatively thick when viewed from the side. Build quality is fine and shouldn’t cause any problems. Overall, TV looks very similar to the 2018 Vizio E Series, but this edition lacks a metal trim.

Vizio D65X-G4 Build and Size

The Vizio D65x-G4 mount is made of plastic and provides good support for the TV. However, the TV will wobble back and forth slightly if pressed gently. The back of the TV is plastic. It has a more elegant look and the inputs are still divided between the side and the bottom edge, making it easier to access if you mount the TV on the wall.

The edges are simple. They have a textured plastic finish and average thickness. They look identical to the 2018 E series, but lack the silver trim on the bottom edge.

The TV looks a bit thick and blocked when viewed from the side, so it may stick out a bit if it is mounted on the wall. Like all the other Vizio models we tested this year, the structure of the TV (screen and electronics compartment) is most evident when the TV is viewed from the side.

Build quality is fine. It feels solid despite being made almost entirely of plastic. There are no gaps in construction and you should have no problem with it.

Vizio D65X-G4 Screen

The contrast of the Vizio D65x-G4 is excellent. Blacks look great and this improves the image quality when the TV is viewed in a dark room, and especially for dark movie scenes.

The Vizio D65x-G4 series has a correct maximum HDR brightness. It does not get too bright to show bright reflections as the creator intended, but it does not attenuate reflections and show a constant brightness regardless of the size of the window.

If you find that the HDR content is too dim, raising the backlight setting to 100 (instead of the default 50) and setting the Gamma to 1.8 will brighten most HDR tones, but unfortunately will not affect light peaks. Also, during our tests, the TV jammed once at 70 cd / m², but resetting picture mode solved the problem.

Vizio D65X-G4 Performance

The performance of Vizio D65x-G4 for mixed use is fine. Watching movies and watching cable TV is decent, while playing video games and using it as a PC monitor will keep you satisfied. This TV does not have great HDR performance as it has a limited color gamut and will not display rich and saturated colors, far from what the content creator intended.

The company also warns:
For D50x-G9, V505-G9: WARNING! This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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