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Microsoft Corporation is always a step ahead in providing its customers with the best product for their daily routine works. Here is another product launched by Microsoft to make the use of Microsoft Office easy for the customers and also provide some extra features to enhance the quality of the task. It is Office 2016 for Windows English Language Product Key Card USA-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Microsoft office 2016 is the latest version of the Microsoft office which succeeds Microsoft Office 2013. It is a bundle of all the links to download official, genuine copies of range of different versions of Microsoft Office. If you are using Office 365 your work might be secure but if you want to save you time and need a new modern look then you should have the all new Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016.


Office 2016 - Office 365 Home Review WeeklyReviewer Office 365Office 2016 - Office 365 Home Review WeeklyReviewer Office 365

The Office 365 Home is paid software so a new product was needed which should have all features of Office 365 and should be free for the user. So, Microsoft has launched a new product namely Office Home and Student 2016 which has all the features of Office 365 and an upgraded version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and also contains built in collaboration tools.

Benefits of Office 365

The biggest benefit of Office 2016 is the Multi Factor Authentication. Microsoft always prefers productivity over technicality. In office 2016 the productivity is increased a lot. Office 2016 works with Windows 7, 8 and 10. By using Office 2016 the user can have an easy access to share his document with anyone is his contact list by a single click. The presence of Delve has proved very beneficial for the users. Delve is a central location that gives users access to everything that he has created, shared or collaborated. The smart look up of the Office 2016 gives a quick access to a range of information. The new Tell ME option in Office 2016 has eliminated all the complaints of the users. The best addition in the Microsoft Office 2016 is Co Authoring which allows multiple users to work on a same document but this facility is available online.

Features of Office 365

  • A new and improved version of planner is available
  • New charts in Excel such as Waterfall, Pareto, Tree Map, Histogram, Box and Whisker and Sunburst
  • Improved grammar checker
  • Third party plug in integration
  • Enhance security
  • Prioritization of e-mails
  • Better integration with OneDrive
  • Sway is available by which elements of OneNote are combined by PowerPoint
  • Smart attachment
  • Mentions is a feature used in Office 2016 by which the drop down box displays the name of the person in contact list to whom the user want to send e-mail or calendar invitation
  • Researcher is a good option as by using it the user can add videos or images to the work done in the Office
  • Text Highlighter In PowerPoint in also available
  • Additional ribbon buttons are available
  • It supports Vector Graphic Format SVG

Customer satisfaction

The colorful theme of Office 2016 is very attractive for the user. According to the scale 96% would recommend Office 2016 to their friends. The reviews of the customers about spread sheet and writing are great. The computing power and boot to main screen is speedier as compared to Office 2013. The customers are happy with the product as it is easy to download and install. The customer satisfaction is the priority for Microsoft Corporation. The product contains a key card on which the installation key is mentioned. The key consists of 25 characters and is easily installed in the OS. The addition of videos or any web research to the document is vert research as compared to the previous version. The simple editing tablet friendly, cloud integration has shifted the user of Office 2013 towards Office 2016. The customers are now easily completing their tasks as the Office 2016 is very simple to use and requires just basic knowledge.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple editing
  • Add videos or images to the documents
  • Tablets friendly
  • Open exported reports in either Excel format or CSV format
  • Easy to read
  • World’s most powerful power suit
  • Consistent interface on all platforms, desktop and mobile.
  • Cloud integration
  • Better data manipulation
  • Communication and setting up appointment is easy
  • The employer has just to assign the work to all his employees by a single click instead of sending individually to all
  • Connects to an Exchange 2016 server seamlessly


  • New Office 2016 is very simple and many people think that simplicity lacks bulk
  • Real time collaboration is available online
  • Sharing options restricted to OneDrive
  • Past versions features still are not fixed
  • Copy and paste between different Office components have been the same for decades. It is simple not user friendly as it uses the tech lingo
  • Office tables in Word  may be the slower functionality in Office

Frequently asked Questions


MS Office 2016 is the successor of the both Office 2013 and 2011. It is highly productive software. It is helpful in documentation, presentation, composition, data entry, charts or graph making etc. it is the pioneer software to support vector graphic format SVG. In spite of a draw of being non operative in Windows XP still the screenshot of Office 2016 are seen on Windows. It is helpful and easy to work with this software.

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