Norton Utilities (For 3 PCs)

We live in a time where technology is at the center of almost all our activities. As our daily lives become more digitized, it is vital to protect ourselves from malicious attacks and also maintain our privacy. In addition to that, our personal computers are bound to age at some point. As they age, cases of them crashing become common, and hence, you need a software that allows you to recover lost files. Good software that is capable of these functionalities and more is the Norton utilities by the Symantec brand. It helps you maintain your online privacy as well as providing other utility functionalities. 


Norton Utilities (For 3 PCs) WeeklyReviewer Norton UtilitiesNorton Utilities (For 3 PCs) WeeklyReviewer Norton Utilities

The Norton Utilities software is multi-functional software that will maintain the complete health of your PC. If you are looking for software that will optimize the speed of your machine, this is the right software for you. It will free up used memory, speed up start times, and cleaning up unneeded registry files and even solve hard disk problems that may result in your PC crashing. The above mentioned issues often lead to your computer freezing, slowing down its performance, or crashing it. Installing the Norton utilities software will boost the performance of your computer, increase disk space, and boost the speed of launching applications. It is the best software to use to keep your PC healthy and allow you to utilize it optimally. 


The Norton utilities software has extensive benefits, should you choose to use it. First, it fixes any common computer issues that result in it slowing down. In optimizing this function, the software also frees up utilized computer memory so that you can smoothly run more programs. It also ensures that applications that you are not using are removed. Besides, it cleans any duplicate files that are using up your memory and scans and cleans your hard disk for problems that may result in your PC crashing. Most people have been victims of accidentally losing files. The files are not permanently deleted and can be found in your hard drive. The Norton software can help you recover damaged or deleted files. Besides, the software allows you to stop programs that are automatically started by windows on start up. This also includes repairing and optimizing Windows registry files, which will enable applications that you are utilizing to start and run faster. 

Another notable benefit of this software is that it helps you maintain privacy on your online activity. You can also retain your personal information stored on your PC private. It acts as a digital shredder in that any personal files are permanently deleted, preventing anyone from accessing them. Your online activity is also protected as it removes the history of any websites that you have visited. The primary goals of this software are to improve the overall performance of your computer, recover damaged/deleted files, and to help you maintain digital privacy. 


The Norton utilities have distinct features that make it a reliable product for your computer. These features are: 

  • Startup manager, which allows you to select which programs to load on windows starts time automatically.
  • Speed Disk is a feature that defragments and optimizes files and data in your hard drive 
  • The NEW duplicate file finder feature locates all duplicate files in your hard drive and deletes them 
  • The disk doctor feature which scans the computer for issues that may cause computer errors and crashes and fixes such problems. 
  • Registry cleaner feature scans windows registry for issues that cause computer crashes and errors and subsequently fixes them.
  • The NEW application uninstaller is a significant feature that allows you to remove any programs that are not in use or those that are taking too much space. 
  • The registry restore provides a backup for registry files before any repairs are done
  • The disk cleaner is the feature responsible for removing all history of your web activities and the footprint of your computer, hence maintaining digital privacy.
  • The NEW system dashboard is a feature that explains all the steps in getting your computer to operate as new again 

Moreover, these features are all compatible with Windows XP SP3, 32 bit, Windows Vista both 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows 8. Your computer should also have at least 1 GB of memory and 100 MB of hard drive space. Lastly, the software requires you have an internet connection for you to activate the product and also receive updates. 

Customer satisfaction 

Frequent feedback from users is that the interface is friendly, making installation usage of the software easy. They also seemed to agree that after running the software, the time the computer takes to start up significantly reduced. The startup manager was very efficient in improving the boot speed of the PC. Other users disagreed with the performance of their PCs after optimization, citing that there was no significant difference. However, a large percentage of users are satisfied with the product. 

Advantages and disadvantages 

The first advantage of using this product is that you can conduct all your activities with the assurance that your privacy is protected. You will not need to worry about your personal information and the history of your web activities being accessible to other parties. You also get the utmost performance of your PC, ensuring that you work efficiently. However, the product can only be shared by three PCs, and you may need to purchase another copy if you have more than three computers. 

Common questions asked 


The Norton utilities software is the go-to software that is ideal for improving the overall performance of your computer. It has several unique features that are designed to clean, fix errors, and optimize it for optimal performance. It is a software that also guarantees the maintenance of your privacy as you use the internet as well as protecting your personal information. 

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