NJ Diet Review: DNA Based Diet Plan Reviews

NJ Diet Review: DNA Based Diet Plan Reviews

NJ Diet Review

Weight loss is one of the most common complaints individuals face throughout the year. It seems the extra pounds get added on effortlessly, but trying to get them back off is nearly impossible. A quick search on Google will only confuse you further; there are thousands of diets currently on the market, all promising the same thing. Rapid weight loss. Fad diets. New programs. 

Among the new diet programs comes a different type of program. The NJ Diet promises to bring medically supervised weight loss based on your biological needs. The science-based program can help achieve the results you need without the struggle of generic weight loss for those struggling with other programs. But to better understand how this program works, it’s essential to uncover the method behind the diet with a complete NJ Diet review.

The NJ Diet and Your Biological Makeup

Building a complete profile of every individual is the first step of the program. This medical evaluation actually determines nearly 200 biomarkers within your body, making it a comprehensive review. DNA tests, hair samples, blood tests, and saliva analysis are performed at the beginning of the program, creating your personal biological makeup. 

Every individual on the program is unique. Hormone levels, enzymes, metabolic health, and the ability to break down and process calories and nutrients are individual, meaning there is no “one size fits all” approach. Within your DNA panel, 50 different factors influence your body’s ability to metabolize specific foods. Knowing this information will help medical professionals understand your needs within the program. 

The focus of the NJ diet is your specific needs, from detoxifying your body of bacteria, viruses, metals, and toxins to pushing your body into optimal health. After reviewing your evaluation, you’ll understand how to balance these biological factors. After all, a body that runs in optimal condition can better absorb nutrients and minerals long-term. 

What Happens After the Evaluation?

This program is medically supervised, meaning the entire duration of the program is monitored and regulated. You’ll go over the specific findings of your evaluation, taking time to understand what the results mean and how they’ll influence your program. You’ll then have the opportunity to speak with your medical professional about any questions or concerns you may have. This appointment is about getting you confident and comfortable with the program. 

What if someone doesn’t agree with the results?

The NJ Diet isn’t focused on selling the program, unlike other popular diets on the market. Individuals are never pressured into joining the program or making the commitment of losing weight. All evaluations completed are based on your biological makeup; understanding what these results mean and how they influence your life is an important step. If there’s something indicated on your file that you disagree with, it’s important to talk to your medical professional. 

How is Weight Loss Achieved on the NJ Diet?

The NJ Diet is 40 days in length, with a strong focus on nutrition, supplementation, and overall health as the focus. Before starting the program, you’ll be given a strict list of exercise regimens, meal plans, and supplements required to complete the program. All of the meal plans can be purchased through popular grocery chains and can be prepared at home. It’s important to follow the plan exactly, as everything is created for your specific body makeup.

These meal plans are more than just low-calorie meals; they’ll work to help you understand proper portion sizes, nutrition, and preparation methods. It will ultimately teach you the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

Understanding the List of Supplements

While diet and nutrition are important when following any diet program, the NJ diet works by adding any missing nutrients through high-quality supplements. These supplements are purchased independently through the company, separate from the registration fee. All nutritional supplements are designed to work with the individual’s program, depending on their specific needs. As such, sharing the supplements is not recommended or advised.

Where are offices located?

The nice part about the NJ Diet is having virtual consultations from anywhere in the United States. There are currently offices in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Utah, New Jersey, and New York for those wanting a local appointment. Whether individuals choose to have their meetings in person or virtually, medical supervision by nutritionally certified personnel is consistent. You’ll meet with personnel consistently throughout the program, regardless of the method you choose. For some, the comfort of physically meeting in an office and discussing any current or ongoing issues is essential. If you run into any problems at home, you’ll have the personal contact information of your specialist. They are available to answer any questions you might have while you’re on the program.

How Much Weight Do People Typically Lose on the Program?

While the websites share an average weight loss of 20-45 pounds, it’s important to remember that every individual on the program is different. Some people may lose less weight than suggested on the website; others may lose more while on the program. When looking at NJ Diet reviews on TechTimes, some users report losing between 30-35 pounds throughout the 40-days. As this program is medically supervised, higher levels of weight loss can be expected compared to standard diets.

How much does the program cost?

For the initial consultation, individuals can register online for $99. Occasionally, this consultation fee is heavily discounted, bringing the initial cost under $30. For participants wanting to join the NJ Diet, the average costs can run anywhere from approximately $900 to over $2000. This price includes the 40-day program, supplements, and check-ins. While it may seem more expensive than other programs, the customized nature of the NJ Diet tailors the weight loss to each individual instead of offering generic programs.

What can participants eat on the program?

Although every individual on a diet is different, there is a solid nutritional component to the NJ Diet program. Users will be given natural, easy-to-prepare meals using whole ingredients. These items will include fruit, vegetable, and lean meats. There are no ready-packaged meals, but individuals will be given explicit instruction on preparing the meal.

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