Norton 360 Premium Review

Read our latest Norton 360 Premium Review! This powerful antivirus will systematically remove malware and keep your devices safe on and offline. This robust antivirus is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for everyone!

Cyber threats are on the rise and so are the manufacturers of highly efficient antivirus software. You might have had a tricky ride with your laptop or desktop due to the recurring challenge of unending antivirus. There are new viruses that are released to hinder your PC from functioning optimally.

Hackers are also on the look out to release bugs that are aimed at crippling majority of the computers either at work or even in your house. You cannot afford to work with a computer whose antivirus software is not up to date. You need to ensure that your computer is in the best shape so as to give you the best service you have always desired. If you are on the look out for an efficient antivirus for your PC, try the New Norton 360 Premium. It could fit your description of an antivirus.


Norton 360 Premium

Though the computer world is evolving with such great speed, the antivirus world is also evolving. The New Norton 360 Premium has also evolved and it is tailored to meet your protection need. You will find all you need under one shop. It is the best all in one protection for your devices and the online privacy that you so much need.

It provides a powerful layer of protection for all your devices just in one singular solution. You will not need to buy multiple antivirus software to keep your devices off the intrusion by the spyware and malware. Your tablets, Mac, smart phones, and personal computers will receive reliable protection against ransomware, phishing, viruses, and an array of other online cyber crimes that attack you as you brose online, shop, or bank.   

Benefits of Norton 360 Premium

The benefits of the New Norton 360 Premium cannot be wound up in a moment since they are numerous. Be that as it may, a few of them can be highlighted here. The New Norton 360 Premium gives the user a comprehensive protection against malware. It can work not only in one device but in more than 8 iOS devices, Android devices, and personal computers. The antivirus can also provide over 70 GB of secure personal computer back up in the cloud.

The New Norton 360 Premium also provides a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) for every device that you are using. You do not need to worry about the manufacturer of the device that you have since the New Norton 360 Premium works across all systems including every release of windows, the latest being Windows 10.

There is a secure password manager that gives all the tools that you require to manage and generate all the passwords and other credentials for use as you work or do other issues online. The passwords are kept safe for you in vault that is based in the cloud. The New Norton 360 Premium reviews the reputation of a website and gives information as to whether it is a safe place for you to enter your private information through signing up or paying anything from there. You can be sure that your credentials will be safe when you use the New Norton 360 Premium.     


  • Schedules some tasks that are resource intensive whenever you are not using your personal computer
  • There are cloud based controls in the antivirus which allows you to update, install, renew, and fix the New Norton 360 Premium through the internet without going through many steps
  • Prevention of exploitation – The antivirus protects Windows devices against the daily attacks that try to exploit the unpatched and undiscovered vulnerabilities (holes) in applications that function on Windows or even in the operating system.
  • There is a Network Defense Layer Protection that helps you to stop any online threats before they can get to your device
  • The Norton Protection System gives you patented and multiple layers for protection to eliminate and detect any threats accurately and quickly as compared to any other technology
  • The emulator will analyze and run and suspicious and unknown files in a safe environment virtually to ascertain whether they can attack your device and then allows them to run on your PC
  • The New Norton 360 Premium has an intelligence technology that targets the files that are at risk so as to scan them faster with short and few scans
  • The defensive layer of Norton will stop any online threat before they get to your device.  

Customer satisfaction

The customers who have used the New Norton 360 Premium say that it is efficient and works well with their devices. They applaud the user interface saying that it is a friendly space where the command prompts are easy to follow. The customers also applaud it due to the effective and efficient protection it gives to their devices whenever they are shopping online. Some have intimated that the antivirus has blocked attempted cyber crime and this made them pledge allegiance to the software.

Advantages and disadvantages of Norton 360 Premium

It works very well for all devices and it is a reliable software for use anytime anywhere. It is preferred by many due to its ease of availability and the easy user interface. However, some argue that it is unstable on the tablet and slows down some apps when installed on the mobile phones.

Common questions asked


If you are looking for optimal protection on your PC, look no further since The New Norton 360 Premium is the best.

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