"NetZero + Green Grid = The Great Regret" Friends of Science 19th Annual Climate Event

Australians Ian Plimer and Joanne Nova will be the featured guest speakers for Friends of Science Society’s 19th Annual Climate Science Event. Emeritus Professor Plimer will address “Climate Change: The past is the key to the present,” while Joanne Nova will discuss Australia as the ‘crash-test dummy’ on renewables with “How to destroy a perfectly good electricity grid in one million expensive steps.”

CALGARY, Alberta, April 27, 2022  /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “NetZero + Green Grid = The Great Regret” is the theme of Friends of Science Society’s 19th Annual Climate Science event, slated for May 2 and May 9, 2022 with free online webinars, followed by live Q&A.

As reported in the Financial Post in Oct. 2021, pundits at the Royal Bank of Canada issued a report, saying achieving Net Zero targets for Canada will ‘only’ cost $2 trillion. Friends of Science Society says “the science” is not settled, the implications of a NetZero transition are poorly informed, and the math is incorrect. “NetZero + Green Grid = The Great Regret” will explain many of the challenges common to all countries attempting to reach NetZero targets.

Australian geologist, author, and Emeritus Professor Ian Plimer will lead off the event on May 2, 2022, at 6 PM MDT (UTC – 6 hours) with his detailed review of geological history. This wealth of evidence offers us insights for interpreting present day climate change. His talk is entitled “Climate Change: The Past is the key to the present”. Live stream link here.

Plimer has recently released a new book entitled “Green Murder – A Life Sentence of Net Zero with No Parole” which explores climate change science, exposes the wildly illiterate media propaganda on Australian wildfires, the implications of NetZero policies and much more.

On May 9, 2022, at 7 PM MDT (UTC – 6 hours), Australia’s popular writer, speaker and blogger, Joanne Nova will educate the public about the perils of a NetZero grid based on renewables. Nova has been writing and speaking on the ‘crash-test dummy’ catastrophe of Australia’s renewables experiment for years. Her talk is entitled, “How to destroy a perfectly good electricity grid in one million expensive steps.” Live stream link here.

Nova is also the author of “The Skeptics Handbook II: Global Bullies Want Your Money” which exposes the financial interests in carbon markets, the heavy handed bullying tactics against anyone who questions the climate catastrophe narrative, and the billions of tax dollars wasted on climate schemes that do nothing to stop climate change or provide ‘free’ renewable energy.

As nations around the world push for “NetZero” targets, Friends of Science Society has issued several informative reports on this topic.

The Cost of Net Zero Electrification of the U.S.A.” is a reanalysis of a Thomas Tanton report by Ken Gregory, Professional Engineer, showing that “The total capital cost of electrification is herein estimated, using 2020 data, at US$433 trillion, or 20 times the U.S.A. 2019 gross domestic product.”

Climate Injustice for All” looks at the false claims of the “Just Transition” movement, revealing that there is just no transition going on in energy at all, and making radical changes would make life worse for everyone, with no benefit to the climate or environment.

Clean Electricity Standard NetZero2030: Reality vs Delusion” exposes the fallacy of Canada’s plans to decarbonize rapidly.

WHEN GIANTS ARISE: The Real World of GHG Emissions and Growth” written by energy economist Robert Lyman shows that climate-addled Western nations are demographically outnumbered by the emerging nations who want a better life for their people, and who will continue to expand their use of fossil fuels.

A Cruel and Unusual Punishment – NetZero 2050 Climate Policy” challenges the Canadian government’s report “A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy” with facts and evidence that nothing will be healthy about that plan.

Join Friends of Science Society for “NetZero + Green Grid = The Great Regret” May 2 and May 9, 2022.

Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens that is celebrating its 20th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

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