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Are you starting a business soon? Do you need a loan to do business? Do you need to cerate a will for your estate? Such tasks and many more require the assistance of a legal personnel or application. They will take you hundreds of hours and would cost a lot of money to complete effectively. A lot of people have been conned by the legal professionals who come under the guise of qualified lawyers to give you advice. You should be ware since most if not all of them have some ulterior motive. They just want to drain you of your hard earned money and you will left with more problems than you started with. It is imperative to consult so that you may end up getting the legal aid you need for a particular purpose. You are not at your worst to pick anything that comes your way. Take time and get the best.  


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MyAttorney Home & Business is a software which was initially brought into operation by Avanquest Software. is the most release and it has over 98% installations which are currently using this latest version. The primary file that can be executed is manh.exe. MyAttorney Home & Business ha a set up package that installs over 4 files whose size is slightly over 72 MB. MyAttorney Home & Business has been equipped with an array of tools and numerous legal documents in the library. The documents are standardized according to various states of the United States. The documents include various drafts of letters, worksheets, and forms which can help in legal tussles. A user can use simplified keywords to search the documents. MyAttorney Home & Business gives user a chance to access various specified multimedia videos where legal experts are seen explaining various terminologies and technical aspects that are found in the documents. In doing this, users save a lot of money that could have been used in seeking legal advise. The app also has a dictionary which is used as a reference anytime a user needs to have a term explained. If you need to use the software, it is not a must that you have some legal background.          


When you have MyAttorney Home & Business, you can plan and estimate for the cost of education for your children, address any changes in healthcare, manage a divorce case, and even plan for daycare in an easy way. There are valuable tips in the app that will make it easy for you to manage any legal affairs you could be having as well your business. MyAttorney Home & Business saves you thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars that you could have used in legal battles. It does this by providing more than 1,000 legal forms and contracts which are valid legally and enforceable in many states. Take advantage of the intuitive process and the wizards of document creation which helps you to formalize your business.

MyAttorney Home & Business has more than just legal forms. The app gives you over seven thousand definitions of legal terms which are done in English. There are also multimedia videos which are made to educate you on an array of topics, and you can use them in your business or at home. You should not get worried about the changes that occur in law. MyAttorney Home & Business will update the documents you have automatically so as to keep them updated. The password protection policy provided gives you peace of mind since your confidentiality is guarded. You are free to print your forms and share them via pdf format.  


MyAttorney Home & Business allows you to produce legal forms and contract documents from the library that holds more than 1,000 documents

The app allows you to plan your estate, protect your hard earned assets, and formalize your business

The wizard that helps in creation of documents and the intuitive interview process assists you to populate the needed information in the forms

There is a password protection feature that makes your documents to be encrypted so that you don’t have to worry of phishing and other cyber criminals.

You can print the documents using the pdf format.

You can educate yourself using the dictionary that has over 7,000 legal interpretations as well as the multimedia videos.

MyAttorney Home & Business allows you to get legal aid from real attorneys

Customer satisfaction

Customers who have used applaud it for the ease of interaction it provides. It has been feted due to the numerous multimedia videos that train novices in law. There is no fear of using the app even if one is a beginner in law. It has made it easy to know various terminologies used in law since the dictionary is readily available within the app. Moreover, the app gives users the permission to save and print documents using pdf format.  

Advantages and disadvantages

Using MyAttorney Home & Business is easy to use and can work virtually anywhere. You will be able to keep your documents safe through the password protection mode. Moreover, MyAttorney Home & Business is the ideal online lawyer that never disappoints owing to the numerous tutorials and videos that are there to train you on legal issues. When it comes to lawyers, time is of essence as it equates to money, and to be specific, your money. However, this app saves you money since you get to know some of the intricate details regarding law in your business. Be that as it may, MyAttorney Home & Business is said to greatly slow down the devices on which it is installed.

Common questions asked


If you are in the pursuit of an online lawyer, MyAttorney Home & Business should be the end of your search. It works efficiently and does not require you to be a legal guru. You only need to be available and you will learn the legal jargon, just like the lawyers!

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