Microsoft Windows 10 pro

When it comes to the operating system of your device, you have to choose the best according to what features you want to have in operating system of your device. Android is used as operating system of majority of mobile phone devices, but there are also other operating systems such as windows, IOS and Blackberry OS, some provide more security, some provide lag free experience and some offer other key features, you have to choose an operating system which suits you the best. Same is the case with laptop devices, some manufacturers use other operating systems also but majority of laptops run on windows operating system. In Windows operating system there are different versions such as windows 10 , windows vista and etc. In these versions there are sub versions which are available in every version of windows such as home version, education version, enterprise version and pro version. You have to choose a version which is best according to your usage.


Microsoft Windows 10 pro

There are two main versions of Windows that are used widely windows home and windows pro. Windows pro is used in wide range of new laptop devices due to its pro security of your documents and all data. Also you can link Windows 10 pro device to a domain, which is not possible with the Windows 10 home device. It also have other like “Remote Desktop” to remotely connect to another pc in the office. Windows 10 pro changes the game of security by giving protection to user identity, device and information by a comprehensive solution driven by intelligence that only Windows 10 pro offers. You can get all features of Windows 10 home in Windows 10 pro plus the enterprise-grade security, powerful management tools and some other key features.

Windows 10 home vs Windows 10 home

All features of Windows 10 home are there in Windows 10 pro, but there are certain special features of Windows 10 pro that are not there in the home version. Like BitLocker, WIP, Mobile device management and etc.

Simply we can say that user of pro version is more likely to be satisfied with the features of operating system as compared to home version user, because some of the key features of pro version are not there in home version. The basic feature that distinguishes the Windows 10 pro from other versions is high security and enhanced productivity.

Minimum requirements of Windows 10 pro

There are some minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 pro that are necessary to meet, if you want to use your device smoothly.

  1. 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor
  2. 1 gigabyte (GB) ram for 32-bit and 2 GB ram for 64-bit version
  3. 16 GB storage for 32-bit and 20 GB storage for 64-bit version
  4. Display of 800×600

These are some minimum features that your device should have to run Windows 10 pro smoothly on your device.

Key features of Windows 10 pro

There are some key features that distinguish the Windows 10 pro version from other versions of windows. Some of them are following.


This feature locks your device so that no one can have access to your data, when your device is lost or stolen

Windows information protection

The feature known as “Windows information protection” or WIP is responsible to protect all types of data leakage. Whether it is accidental data leakage or data leakage due to enterprise devices or devices that employees bring to work.

Mobile device management

As compared to traditional PC transition this feature known as “Mobile device management” or MDM provide much more easier to use and reliable service to the customer.

Group policy

You can deploy specific security policies for specific employees and accounts, so that one can have access to specific data which you want them to have.

Microsoft store for business

Microsoft store for business is the feature that you can only get in pro version or enterprise version .

Assigned access

With the help of this feature you can run specific apps for specific people so that your data can be secured and users have limited access to the data.

Dynamic provision

Dynamic provision enables you get new device for your organisation and convert it according to your use with minimal amount of effort.

Windows update for Business

This feature is only available is Windows 10 pro version, that can help you to reduce management cost and deployment of easy business updates.

Kiosk mode setup

You can configure you device very easily in Kiosk mode with the help of Mobile device management or MDM.

Support for active directory

Using this feature you can define specific accounts, groups, data and logins for some specific employees. You can even define  security and networking policies for your users, accounts and devices.

Support for Azure Active Directory

This feature enables us to make employees use single login access to different devices on one server and they can only have access to those data which you want them to have. That single login enables them to it on different devices with minimum IT involvement.

Above are the some key features that you can only find in Windows 10 pro and you can say that its worth using it.


There are different version of Windows 10 like home, pro, enterprise and education. In most of the new devices that are made for offices or where you need highly secure devices, Windows 10 pro is used. It has some unique features that you cannot find in other versions. In Windows 10 pro you can find every feature of other versions of Windows plus high security, powerful management tools and enhanced productivity with remote Desktop and Cortana. Check out the price and features on Amazon.

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