Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM Review

There are different types of operating systems working in different types of devices, for example majority of mobile phone manufacturers use android operating system in their devices, apple company have their own operating system and when it comes to laptop devices a good majority of laptop manufacturers use windows operating system in their devices. In Windows operating system there are different versions like windows 6, windows vista, windows 8 and the latest windows 10. Windows 10 is the operating system that is equipped with majority of latest PC and laptops. In every version of Windows there are two different types of licences, one is retail version and one is OEM. Both types of licence key versions can only be used in one device at a time means there is no big difference between the both, but OEM comes with certain limitations that are not there in retail licence key version.

Introduction of OEM

Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM Review WeeklyReviewer Windows 10

You may know that full form of OEM IS “original equipment manufacturers”. All the laptop devices of different brands that run on windows operating system such as Dell, Asus and Hp are equipped with OEM version, they purchase OEM license keys in bulk amount to inject in their devices so that their devices can operate on windows operating system. In case of OEM the license key sticks to the motherboard and cannot be transferred to any other device and if motherboard of the device is replaced the license key will mot be operating the system anymore. Retail version of licence key is not originally equipped with any new device but you have to personally buy it directly from Microsoft or any other third-party seller. Although OEM version comes in all new devices but you can also personally buy it from Microsoft or any other third-party seller.

Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM

This specific product “Microsoft Windows 10 pro bit system builder OEM” may be the best available license key version depending upon the user. If you are using your device for some organization or it is both used for personal and organizational purposes then this OEM is the best available product for your device. As it is the pro version it can be one of the most secured product or operating system for your device. Also it is the 64 bit version so it cam give the fast and lag free experience to the consumer, as the 32 bit version is now losing its popularity due to some lags and the lack of speed. So , the “Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM” is the best product for you if you want some fast, secured and lag free experience.

What’s in the box

In box of “Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM” you get the disc in which software is installed and a license key for which you actually bought the whole package.

Advantages and Limitations

As “Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM “ is the OEM version of the license key it has its own advantages and its own limitations, which are following .


OEM license key version has its own advantages and its up to the users whether they want to buy the package or not. The first advantage is price, when you compare both the retail version and OEM version you will notice a big price difference in both. You will notice that OEM version is almost half of the price of retail version. Second advantage is that although a big price difference in both, the usage of retail and OEM versions are same to same. When it comes to actual software they both are 100% identical.


Along with some advantages there are also some limitations of the “Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM”. If you install OEM version in your device the license key will stick to the motherboard of your. Then if you want to upgrade your computer you have to buy a new OEM and with that you also cannot replace the motherboard of your computer device.

Simply we can say that if you are a person who do not changes his/her device every now and then the OEM version is best for you but if you change your device every now and then then this OEM version is not for you.

Key features

This product “Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM” has its own key features, which you may not get in any other products. The key features of this product are following.

  1. As it is a product originally manufactured by Microsoft you can get some very smooth and intense experience of your device and operating system both.
  2. It is Windows 10 which is the latest operating system of Microsoft.
  3. Also it is a pro version, it can give you best secure experience both for personal and organizational usage.
  4. It is 64 bit version with which you can get smooth, fast and lag free experience .
  5. Its is an OEM version so it is almost half of the price of retail version with exactly same usage experience.


Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64 bit system builder OEM” is the best product for you, if you want same smooth, secure and lag free experience as the retail version in half of the rates of retail version. It is best for you if you do not change your laptop or computer device every now and then. We can simply say that it is same product as the retail version with much cheaper price except one limitation that is sticking to the same device for along span of time.

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