Metaverses Heading For Full Character Customization With MetaBody

LONDON, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The metaverse is developing rapidly, encompassing newer areas of application across a vast market of opportunities. With new sectors connecting to the metaverse environment as a new arena for marketing, advertising, product placement, content creation and general monetization, the need for accurate models and representation of user digital characters is becoming acute.

The digital environment of the metaverse entails the development and deployment of avatars – highly realistic, virtual reality iterations and embodiments of users. But with metaverses being infinitely versatile and customizable on the basis of the blockchain, the ability of each user to create and tailor their own digital selves in such an environment is a major avenue that can be translated into a market unto itself.

Custom 3D avatars from the MetaBody project are a new step in the development of the metaverses. As a new player on the metaverse market with a massive share of it to capture, MetaBody provides a unique and highly demanded solution that countless metaverse users can turn to in their search for the perfect customizable character creation instrument.

Custom ultra-realistic avatars offered by MetaBody will allow users to be whoever they want to be in existing and emerging metaverses. MetaBody provides a quality unique solution for those who want high-level personalization, customization and 3D detailing to showcase their creativity and personality before other digital environment users.

The MetaBody storyline lands users onto the AH-032 orbital station, whose crew has found a way to send signals into the past through extensive research on the space-time paradox. As the starting point of custom metaverse character creation, the station gives users access to multiple resources that allow them to create avatars, clothes, accessories and environments of unprecedented quality. The unlimited technological capabilities of the orbital station and the competence of the crew that is 45 members strong make it possible to create humanoids, lizards, ghosts – any sort of creatures that come to mind, unleashing the full creative potential of every user.

The MetaBody project aims to propel metaverses to a new level of quality and customization with its extensive opportunities and tailored technical solution. MetaBody is also currently at the stage of planning a series of events that will allow users to deploy and display unique avatars before throngs of cross-chain users on the blockchain, acting as a powerful advertising instrument.

The development of the metaverse market can accelerate rapidly if the proper instruments enticing users to join can be fielded and promoted. The MetaBody project intends to encourage users to develop their own avatars and explore new opportunities for personal expression in metaverses.

Metaverses Heading For Full Character Customization With MetaBody WeeklyReviewer

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