Kickstarter Fundraising for Jig App, *Unique Experiences and Tailored At-Home Services App Project

Jig App: Enhancing family engagement and education with hands-on experiences launching on Kickstarter July 8th.

Our project changes family fun times, after school activities, iconic car rentals, wellness services all in one + more!

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LAS VEGAS, July 7, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Las Vegas, Nevada: Jig, today announced Jig App, a new App project that provides unique experiences, more fun at home and engaging educational and non-educational activities. Jig App is more than an app, it is a community of parents, educators, and service providers ready to help busy families with their unique needs and preferences.

Jig announces Jig App, an innovative platform providing unique, engaging educational and non-educational activities & services. More than an app, Jig App is a community connecting families with vetted educators and service providers. Launching on Kickstarter 07/08/2024!

Jig App connects families with vetted educators for personalized, at-home learning and extracurricular activities. It connects families with local studios and rental services and providers, opening doors to new adventures and exploration. Not only that, Jig App also offers a variety of services including tutoring, music lessons, arts and crafts, sports coaching, and beauty & wellness services.

A convenient, stress-free approach to alternative after school extracurricular & learning is just what kids, teachers, and parents need in today’s world at the tip of your hands. What makes Jig App stand out is its personalized at-home services and a wide range of extracurricular activities and wellness for the entire family.

An Amazon Site Leader from Las Vegas, NV, said, “This would be ideal for Amazon associates. With our provided Daycare Centers at some of our locations, our associates would be able to utilize the Jig App to welcome Teachers and Tutors to come and help out their children with homework and tutoring or extracurricular activities, right here at our Daycare Centers while they go to work! I believe that a company like Amazon would support a company like Jig. When Jig is up and running, please let us know! We would love to be the first ones to know about the news!”

JULY 08, 2024
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Jig App Key Features includes:

  1. WIDE RANGE OF SUBJECTS AND ACTIVITIES: Real-time booking and scheduling
  2. SECURE PAYMENT SYSTEM:Progress tracking for students/users
  3. PARENT FEEDBACK AND REVIEW SYSTEM: Communication message center for parents/users and educators and service providers.

We estimate the budget of $70,000 to create and develop the Jig App project to work effectively. This covers the cost for:

  1. Development Costs: Ongoing app development, maintenance, and updates
  2. Marketing and Sales: Advertising, promotions, sales team salaries, and commissions
  3. Operational Costs: Salaries for administrative and support staff, office expenses 4.) Service Provider Fees: Payments to educators and service providers
  4.  Customer Support: Handling inquiries, complaints, and technical support.
  5. Compliance and Legal: Ensuring compliance with local regulations, legal fees

We are utilizing Crowdfunding as a means of raising funds for the Jig App project which we currently have the Jig App project on Kickstarter and will Launch effectively on Monday, July 08, 2024. We have prepared lots of exclusive rewards and offers for kind supporters and investors just like you. We invite you to visit our Kickstarter pre-launch page so that you can be the first to be notified immediately when we kickstart and launch our project to enjoy that early bird offer.

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Here is the link to our Kickstarter Pre-launch page to get started right away:
Kickstarter Pre-Launch
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A little description about the Jig App founder’s personality.

I’m Lizette. Raised between LA and Inland Empire, California. I come from a talented family. My mother, Raquel, is a businesswoman, and my father, Vito Sanz, a fine arts artist. My brother, Victor, is in Real Estate. Inspired by my creative upbringing, I pursued education and music, graduating with honors. I worked as a teacher, navigated budget cuts, and managed music productions, collaborating with celebrities. After moving to Las Vegas with my husband, I became a mother, which inspired me to create Jig—a platform bringing enriching activities and support to families. Stay tuned!

Jig App will be available starting October, 2024. For more information on Jig App, Sign Up to Learn More!

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Introduction: Jig App, an innovative platform designed to enhance family engagement and education through hands-on experiences, is set to launch on Kickstarter on Monday, July 8th. Jig App offers a variety of educational and non-educational activities and services for families, children, and small groups.

Body: Jig App provides an array of services, including in-home educational experiences with experts for children in grades K-12, small group engagements, and various personal services such as at-home manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and more. These activities are designed to foster learning, creativity, and family bonding.

“Our mission is to break social barriers and promote equality by starting with the family unit,” said Lizette Sanz, Founder of Jig App. “Education is the foundation of societal progress, and Jig App aims to provide accessible and enriching experiences for all families outside of the traditional classroom to serve as Fun-Time, Enriching Activities, and Extracurricular.”

The platform’s Kickstarter campaign will feature a special promotion: Buy one activity or service, get two free. This offer is valid for various services, including educational workshops, home organization help, and even unique vehicle rental services.

Quotes: “Jig App is a game-changer for family engagement,” said a homeschool mom from Henderson, NV, an early adopter and supporter. “The variety of services offered ensures there’s something for everyone, making it easier for families to spend quality time together.”

Boilerplate: About Jig App: Jig App is dedicated to enhancing family life through interactive and educational and non-educational experiences. Founded by Lizette Sanz, Jig App seeks to provide diverse services that cater to the needs of modern families, fostering both educational growth and personal well-being.

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Contact Information: Media Contact: Lizette Sanz [Phone Number: 702-899-9178] [Email: [email protected]] [Address: Box Canyon Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128 USA] [Website Sign Up to Learn More! ←–Click the link] [Social Media Handles:X, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, ]

Call to Action: For more information about Jig App

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and to support our Kickstarter campaign, please visit [Kickstarter Link:].

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