Key Ingredient to MedTech Disruption, by Innovator InfoBionic's Stuart Long

TAMPA BAY, Fla., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — An estimated 30 million US patients, or 11.2% of the population, will use Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools by 2024—marking a 28.2% growth from 23.4 million patients in 2020.(1) COVID-19 has seriously exacerbated this growing need for RPM, especially remote cardiac monitoring devices. Unfortunately, current generation devices are cumbersome to patients and don’t provide the best quantity and quality of data for cardiologists, slowing their efforts to detect, diagnose, and treat serious heart conditions. Enter Disruptor Stuart Long, CEO, InfoBionic—who tells Karla Jo Helms, host of the Disruption Interruption podcast, that in order to bring a disruptive tech into the market he would need a new way to approach management—a team that was able to disrupt.

After watching too many “a**hole” managers poisoning productivity, Stuart said, THAT’S IT—I’M DONE WITH THE STATUS QUO and struck out on his own path. While he left one world behind, he decided to take the lead of a successful cardiac monitoring system business. But that success was built in large part because Stuart threw away the status quo culture he knew and trademarked a new culture of workplace positivity. He made an antidote to the “a**holes” he calls TACIT—the blending of trust, accountability, creativity, innovation, and transparency.

Businesses are struggling with “toxic” managers who prioritize matters that have nothing to do with workplace performance. They create unproductive, stressful work environments, and do real financial damage—and it is shockingly common. A survey of 40,000 employees at 125 companies throughout 2019 found that 29 percent of employees left jobs due to “workplace conflict.”(2) The damage to businesses from that kind of turnover is staggering—$223 billion in the past 5 years alone.(3) A new way to approach management is sorely needed.

Stuart reveals key wisdom for withstanding volatile change and attacks from within and outside, and how to drive disruptive change for the benefit of the end consumer:

1. How the odds have been stacked against him and why his team has to show real results;
2. How his management process eliminates opportunities for those not working toward the greater good, so they don’t impede or even sabotage altruistic efforts;
3. Why you must be in a constant state of recognizing and embracing change and weeding out the “a**holes” who would otherwise keep the status quo.

Disruption Interruption is the podcast where you’ll hear from today’s biggest Industry Disruptors. Learn what motivated them to bring about change and how they overcome opposition to adoption.

Disruption Interruption can be listened to via the Podbean app, and is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

About Disruption Interruption:
Disruption is happening on an unprecedented scale, impacting all manner of industries— MedTech, Finance, IT, eCommerce, shipping and logistics, and more—and COVID has moved their timelines up a full decade or more. But WHO are these disruptors and when did they say, “THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT!”? Time to Disrupt and Interrupt with host Karla Jo “KJ” Helms, veteran communications disruptor. KJ interviews bad asses who are disrupting their industries and altering economic networks that have become antiquated with an establishment resistant to progress. She delves into uncovering secrets from industry rebels and quiet revolutionaries that uncover common traits—and not-so-common—that are changing our economic markets… and lives. Visit the world’s key pioneers that persist to success, despite arrows in their backs at

About Karla Jo Helms:
Karla Jo Helms is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR(TM) Strategist for JOTO PR Disruptors(TM).
Karla Jo learned firsthand how unforgiving business can be when millions of dollars are on the line—and how the control of public opinion often determines whether one company is happily chosen, or another is brutally rejected. Being an alumni of crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with litigation attorneys, private investigators and the media to help restore companies of goodwill back into the good graces of public opinion—Karla Jo operates on the ethic of getting it right the first time, not relying on second chances and doing what it takes to excel. Helms speaks globally on public relations, how the PR industry itself has lost its way and how, in the right hands, corporations can harness the power of Anti-PR to drive markets and impact market perception.

About Infobionic:
InfoBionic is a digital health company transforming the efficiency and economics of ambulatory remote patient monitoring processes by optimizing clinical and real-world utility for the users that need it most – physicians and their patients. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs have had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices and mobile technology, and bring specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology. They have seen first-hand the complexities of traditional cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes and designed the transformative MoMe® Kardia platform to remove the roadblocks hindering faster, more effective diagnosis and decision-making. Frost & Sullivan bestowed the 2019 North American Remote Cardiac Monitoring Technology Leadership Award upon InfoBionic.

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Karla Jo Helms, JOTO PR Disruptors(TM), 727-777-4621, [email protected]

Daniel Mutter, JOTO PR Disruptors(TM), 727-777-4621, [email protected]



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