Is The IPhone 11 Pro Worth it?

Is The IPhone 11 Pro Worth it?

First and foremost iPhone 11 pro is famous for its unique shaped cameras and that explains why the internet was quick to respond with memes to how the new rear looked exactly like a stove top.

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IPhone 11 pro stands out because the three cameras prominently located the back in every conspicuous rectangular module in addition to the shine of the e module contrasted against the matte texture contributing to its cause, providing a whole new texture to the experience on the iPhone since the matte texture is slippery it makes it interesting to hold. The camera system on the back looks really neat and executive. These new colors on the premium phones were called “midnight green” makes it worth of any price.

Besides the exterior view of the camera, there are some interior functions of the camera that makes worth any of the price and not so comparable with other phones or iPhone that are on the market;

Super Retina XDR

IPhone 11 pro offers an OLED unit with a greater contrast ratio and peak brightness has got the best contrast among all iPhone and has the most compelling way to view apps while using flagship dark mode feature in IOS 13. While other iPhone feature a peak brightness of up to 650 nits in bright sunlight, the iPhone 11 pro can go up to 800. The super Retina XDR can venture to 1200 nits maximum brightness while browsing HDR photos or watching HDR enabled movies.

Telephoto lens

In iPhone 11 pro there’s 2x optical zoom and 52mm equivalent lens being great for portrait shots and closure shots while not moving close to the subject physically .the inverse of the ultra-wide lens makes the camera system more flexible and easily adaptable

It also provides a faster telephoto lens, this feature has been upgraded and no features an f/2.0 aperture for a 40%increase in light capture thus making it faster than other iPhone. It also provides low light benefits while resulting in a creamier background for up close subjects.

That’s why iPhone 11 pro will be highly recommendable for those who are into iPhone photography and videography.

Deep fusion

This feature is available when you upgrade to IOS 13. It works in the background and doesn’t require turning it on. It’s designed to work primarily on indoor pictures and in situations where the lighting is of medium levels. It’s automatic and can’t be turned on and off therefore it disables itself when taking outdoor pictures

Night mode

This is one of the key features on iPhone 11 pro that makes it standout. This comes on automatically in situations of low light and you will know its activated when an icon at the top left side of your phone turns yellow with a little moon icon and a number

Wider selfies

The front camera has been enabled with an option that lets you get more in the frame which is perfect for group selfies all you have to do is tap on the little arrow towards the bottom of the screen to zoom in and zoom out which only works in standard photo mode.

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