Hytiva® Setting New Standards for Cannabis Technology Companies

With daily news of economic turbulence, write-downs, and mass layoffs among technology companies, and the cannabis industry hit particularly hard, Hytiva® is paving the way with stable growth and value-driven products, setting the new standard for technology businesses in the cannabis industry, based on old principles and a time-tested commitment to building the solutions the cannabis industry needs.

MIAMI, Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Daily news of economic turbulence, write-downs, and mass layoffs have quickly spread throughout the technology space, with the cannabis industry hit particularly hard. Early entrants into the cannabis technology space became defined by companies with an intense focus on growing valuations by making news for expensive acquisitions and scaling to meet wild projections. They are now quickly being exposed for lack of attention to real products, services, and financial stability. Hytiva® chose a different path, setting a new standard for business and technology in the cannabis industry based on old principles and a long-term commitment to building the complete solutions the industry needs, from the ground up.

Tom Clarke, CEO of Hytiva, commented:

The industry must go through this phase, being over capitalized, over staffed, and basically doing it backwards. Many technology companies are downsizing and failing while Hytiva is growing and hiring daily. When building a technology business for the long term, you are hunting for problems to solve, gathering feedback from your customers, and creating real solutions. This is in direct contrast to the pump and dump business models with hyper-inflated VC valuations that we see today.

A Suite of Technology and Services

Hytiva’s mature portfolio of companies is unlike most corporate portfolios, often built by an accumulation of mergers and acquisitions. Every Hytiva® company (including media, technology, delivery services, logistics, production services, and more) was founded to serve a specific need in the cannabis industry, creating solutions to generate revenue independently and ensure stability throughout the portfolio for Hytiva and its clients. Each Hytiva company shares a consistent vision and complementary technology. As a result, Hytiva offers a greater range of tools than any other cannabis technology company, and Hytiva has the ability to tailor its offerings to support a wide range of uses.

The Hytiva product portfolio includes:

  • Point of Sale – Hytiva’s point of sale covers all points of purchase, including in-store, online ordering, kiosk, and mobile purchasing endpoints, with robust automation services tailored to work together seamlessly for each client’s operational flow.
  • Mobile Applications – Hytiva Mobile Apps provide the fastest menu and ordering experience available as well as customized white label deployments available to all Hytiva clients. Integrations with rewards systems, client provided content, and more make it possible for any cannabis company to have their own top-tier app while staying focused on branding and customer experience instead of building and contracting developers or additional vendors.
  • Content Rich Consumer Resources – Hytiva.com provides the industry’s largest library of strain photo and video content available. This powerful tool educates consumers, provides transparent product information and pricing, and has proven effective at increasing average order values. Hytiva verifies and purchases every strain and does not accept user-generated photos.
  • Consumer Delivery Services – Hytiva provides compliant dispatch and logistics technologies for dispensaries to run their own delivery as well as Hytiva run delivery by Hytiva employee drivers, not independent contractors.
  • Digital Menu Displays – Hytiva’s digital displays are fully integrated with point of sale data, providing a beautiful and accurate in-store experience to customers, with 4k 360-degree strain videos and near zero management required.
  • Hardware and Software Automation Technologies – Hytiva integrates with any system to capture data and trigger actions, connecting all Hytiva technologies. Monitor and control devices for printing, displays, analytics, notifications, cameras, vehicle telematics, machinery, and more with Hytiva’s embedded devices and hardware.

Hytiva’s Problem Solving Approach

Hytiva approached the cannabis industry differently, with a long-term plan to listen, problem-solve, and build unique solutions for the industry based on a wealth of experience in technology and business. Hytiva recognized that the young cannabis industry needed more than the niche solutions built by modifying pre-existing products from other industries that many other cannabis technology companies provide. Hytiva began by offering consumer information and delivery services, all the while gathering information at a level the industry had not seen. Hytiva embedded itself into the industry with open ears to listen to cannabis consumers at a personal level and clients in their daily operations, with the goal of turning their frustrations into real products and restarting the problem/solution cycle again.

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