How Many Presidents Has The US Had?

How many presidents has the US had?

Most people don’t know or keep track of the United States presidents and their history. The president of the United States, the US, dictates the pace and progression of America and other dependent relations. But through so many elections and presidents, the US has gone through all sorts of changes. But lets not forget a bit about what we’ve understood from them! So how many presidents has the US had?

As of the year 2020, there have been many presidents that have come and gone. Some, like Barack Obama, have been re-elected. Some on the other hand, have been impeached, such as Bill Clinton, Andrew Johnson even recently Donald Trump. Some presidents, like Obama, have been successful in maintaining peace and meditating the conflicts away. Thus this makes the country safer, as the president successfully negotiate with other countries in the world.

These are the presidents who have truly made the economy better. For example, trade goods to be imported and exported is a major factor in today’s society. With bad negotiation skills and lack of the ability to keep one’s calm state of mind, one simple mistake could send everything spiraling out of control.

There are many factors that an individual must do in order to become the next United states president. Any time there is a matter of a subject like this, it raises questions that piles up to the surface. There are an enormous amount of factors that all play a very crucial role in presidency. It’s no wonder many of the candidates end up dropping out. The pressure of perfection and truthful promises that is being wanted from the US citizens is enough. In fact, it can be a stressful thing and more than enough to make a grown man skin down.

How many presidents has the US had?

There have been a total of 45 U.S. presidents. Some of these individuals have run for presidency a second time, and successfully won. However, they cannot run for third election to become president, as you’re limited to eight years presidency. An example of presidents that have been reelected are Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. But is that enough to answer the question? We’ve answered how many presidents has the US had, but each US president has a vice president! So how many vice presidents has the US had?

How many vice presidents has the US had?

Ever since the office had come into existence, there have been a total of 48 vice presidents in the United States. The vice presidents were originally picked as the person who was second in line. This meant that the person with the second highest votes will receive the title as vice president. Nowadays, things are different. Seeing as the world around us is rapidly evolving, some changes were made to adjust the law.

Today in the United States, the vice president is elected between two things. One powerful vote made by congress and the amount of votes that the citizens made. However, people who become vice president can earn their way to presidency too. A good example of this is Theodore Roosevelt.

Vice president Theodore Roosevelt was the first vice president who was capable of succeeding this.  He paved his way up to being elected to the title of president. In the United States, year of 1904.

The US is dictated heavily by capitalism and political challenges, partially monitored by the president of the United States. The president of the US can be primarily from two major parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The democrats have a generally more liberal, though tending to be less extreme than the republican party as of late.

The Republican party, known for it’s conservative base and higher value towards traditional values, is currently lead by recent leaders George W. Bush, with his moderate and conservative serving platform, and Donald Trump, with a primarily right based platform and conservative base.

So how many republican presidents has the US had? How many democratic presidents has the US had?

How many republican presidents has the US had?

Over the years, the United States has had a total of 19 republican presidents. This party first had been founded in March of 1854. It has come a long way and is now one of the biggest parties. In fact, the republican parties is stated to have more presidents than the democratic.

Though it was first founded in the year of 1854, no president was a republican until the year of 1861. That was the date documented as the day that Honest Abe Lincoln, otherwise known as Abraham Lincoln, became the U.S. president. The last present to be recorded as a republican president is Donald J. Trump. That had been documented in the year of 2017.

How many democratic presidents has the US had?

So far, the United States has documented to have had only 15 democratic presidents. That is four presidents less than what the republicans have had. However, the republicans might seem to have a bit more presidents than the democratic party, but it has not been around as much. It’s true that the democratic party has been around for a longer time period, as it was founded in January 8, in the year of 1828.

In the year of 1829, a man by the name of Andrew Jackson became the seventh president of the United states. He was also Documented to be the first democratic president of the U.S. The last president that lead the democratic party, was a noble man by the name of Barack Obama. He was the president from the years of 2009 to 2017. He ran for presidency twice and successfully earned the title as the United States president twice. That means that the democratic party had won twice in a row.


In conclusion, there have been many presidents in the united states. Today, there have now been 45 presidents, to be exact. Some have stayed true to their word until the end, while some had to be removed before the end of their 4 year long period due to factors that arose into a bigger issue. Throughout the election process, democratic and republican sides take the debate stage. The president’s job is to console both sides and do their best for the US.

You can check out the official White House site page for a list of all of the Presidents of the United States.

The democratic and republican parties were not the only two. There were other parties beside these. However they have grown to become the largest two parties in the United States. The democratic party was in fact older whereas it was founded in the year of 1828. This party originated from the anti- federal sentiments. This dates back to the time of the United State’s independence from Great Britain.  The democrats have chosen to be known and the donkey symbol.

On the other hand The republican party was first founded in the year of 1854. Records have documented that there are more republican presidents then there are democrats. Four more to be exact. Their party originated as mainly against slavery. They have chosen to be known as the elephant symbol.

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