How Many Miles Does The Average Person Drive Per Year?

How Many Miles Does The Average Person Drive Per Year?

Report from car manufacturing companies is that the demand for cars has increasingly risen in the recent past. Why could this be so? There is a general increase in population size and the number of roads has increased too. This generally affects the number of miles that a person drives in a year. But How Many Miles Does The Average Person Drive Per Year?

The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration has it that most Americans will drive an average of a thousand miles every month. This closely translates it to 13, 476 miles per annum, per driver. These are the figures as per now but they are likely to change in the coming half a decade. Come to think of it, the average number of miles that you drove per month ten years ago is not the same as today.

Times are changing. It is a dynamic world.  Many factors come into play to determine how many miles a year does the average person drive and include the following;


One’s occupation will affect the number of miles that they drive per year. This consists of the workplace distance from your residence. Some people live a low-key life and you will never see them on the road lest they are going for work or having an appointment. An idle person with access to a car is likely to drive more miles per year as they are always on the road looking for something to do.

A truck driver, especially a long-distant driver, is also likely to drive more miles per year compared to a salon driver by far. Truck drivers live on the road for that is what they are paid to do.  Delivery personnel will also drive more miles as they spend much of their time hitting the road to make clients’ end meets.


Research has it that men between the ages of 35 and will drive an average of 18,858 miles every year, and that is greater compared to the miles driven by the younger folks. Why is this so? Men falling under this age bracket are probably successful in their careers and have more disposable income to fetch cars. They are in the prime of their jobs, meaning they drive themselves to work daily. It is also important to note that most men, at 35, they are already settled and probably with kinds. Just as we have stated, a married man will drive more than a bachelor.

Women who are aged 65 years and beyond drive the least with an average of 4,785 miles per year. Young men are fascinated by cars and roads compared to women, and they will probably drive more miles.


Do you drive when unhealthy? Of course, not, or it can be dangerous to do so. Some states are strict when it comes to health matters and the road. You may not be allowed to drive past a set number of miles if you have a history of certain chronic illnesses. If the sickness proves to affect your judgment on the road, then you may not be allowed to drive at all, neither will you be issued with a driver’s license. These will affect the number of miles that you drive per year.

A person who is 100% healthy is likely to spend more time on the road. Remember, you can be healthy but cannot maneuver in the night because of poor eyesight. That means you are only limited to driving during the day. Someone with proper vision even in the night will drive an average of more miles per year, probably over 13,000.

Marital status

If you grew up in a family that had a car, then you probably noticed how much your family used to drive around especially during the weekends. When married, and with kids, one tends to take the family out almost every weekend. This may include up to driving for very long distances in the countryside. Do not forget that during regular weekdays, like any other typical day, working individuals will have to drive to and from work daily.

As the family grows too, children grow, and they have to be dropped and picked from school daily, with an exception on weekends only and national holidays. The number of miles that such a family will be driving wills increases averagely yearly as the family grows and expands.

However, couples that own cars separately may drive fewer miles per month as they may split responsibilities. One may drop the children to school on his way to work while the other one picks them on her way from work.

Finally even children grow into adults. When all’s said and done they will get a license and rack up more miles.


There has never been an intimate explanation as to why most families will prefer men, their father figures to women when it comes to driving. Is it because they feel safe on their hands? So how does each gender drive per year?

Well, research and statistics have proven that males will drive an average of 17,976 miles per year compared to females who drive an average of 12,004 miles within the same period. It means that regardless of age, occupation, and health males drive more than women.


It is surprising how much people drive around. As stated earlier on, the numbers will grow higher within the coming years as car enthusiasts and fanatics are born every day. Infrastructure development, especially roads, is on the verge, and that is just a plus on the drivers’ side to drive more and more miles every year.

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