Hong Kong protests And The Current Situation

The real reason for the Hong Kong protests and current situation report:

With Covid-19 Coronavirus spreading in China, Hong Kong and other nations enact social distancing to fight the outbreak. While breaking up social gatherings may slow the outbreak, it also hinders fights for freedom; let’s talk about Hong Kong protests in particular.

Hong Kong protests sought demands, summed in a statement as “Five demands, not one less”. Going back through the history of Hong Kong, a British colony until 1997, after which the territory goes back to China with a deal that the Hong Kong will be a separated part of China, under the Basic Law, it must have an isolated legal and economic system. It means that Hong Kong will be a part of China, but it has a separate identity.

The rights of their citizen must be fulfilled and held. It works on the theory of “one country and two systems”. Unfortunately, Chinese government has passed an Extradition Bill which states that protesters can be sent to courts, holding them for trial. Which is against the treaty signed between the UK and China that Hong Kong will be a part of China, but it will have a separate legal, political and economic system till 2047. So, the Extradition bill means a restriction to the judicial independence and autonomy of Hong Kong. Thus, Hong Kong citizen doesn’t want it to happen.

What do they want

They have five demands and not one less; Demands of the Hong Kong Protests

  • The first demand of the citizens of Hong Kong is to withdraw the extradition bill.
  • The second demand is the resignation of the chief executive Carrie Lam who passed the Bill.
  • From the context of protest, the govt should remove the word “riots” which means the protests shouldn’t be called riots.
  • Hong Kong must have a full independent inquiry into the action of the Police.
  • That the protester arrested should be released unconditionally, they should be forgiven and release in short.


They ask for their rights, which were signed during the handing over of Hong Kong to China. They want to have a political, judiciary and economic independence. They should choose their leader by themselves.

The Hong Kong protests started in June, which started as a clash between the protesters and police. The situation is violent, where police and protesters fought.

The purpose of the extradition bill was to send the protester to the trail of the court, which could restrict the independence of Hong Kong given to it. Many of the people came out of their homes on the street for protest. When the rally was uncontrollable, the Carrie Lam said to suspend the Bill. But the protester demanded to discontinue it entirely.

In September, they have withdrawn the Bill altogether.

Even after having completely withdrawn the bill, protesters in the Hong Kong protests said it’s too late to withdraw the Bill because when Hong Kong was suffering through violence, the Chinese celebrated the 70 years of Communist party rule so how could we pardon that all.

The situation, instead of getting better got worst. After that, while the protester attacked the Police with petrol bombs and projectiles, the Police shot one of the young boys. After it, the government put a restriction on the protesters.

After that incidents, many protesters were shot by the Police because the protesters were engaged in road blocking. Another incident happened in Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, where Police and a student had a clash.

After that, a month later, local council elections by the territory held. The vote was the triumph for the pro-democracy movement, with seventeen of the eighteen councils now controlled by pro-democracy Councillors.

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