GTFO In-Depth Game Review – GTFO Game Review

GTFO In-Depth Game Review – GTFO Game Review

Available on Steam for $34.99 and in early acces- GTFO in-depth game review. Upon it’s full release, you can find GTFO on Amazon (Currently unavailable on amazon).

What is GTFO?

GTFO In-Depth Game Review - GTFO Game Review

GTFO is an early access game on steam where you and three other players dive deep into a structure looking like an umbrella corporation secret base that’s been abandoned for years. Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, the developers have been working from home to ensure this game doesn’t stay in early access too long.

Steam reviews and rating of GTFO are very positive, indicating high appeal among gamers.

You fight these mutated humanoid monsters while scavenging for equipment to complete your objective. To me it feels like left for dead on steroids. The difficulty setting is way up and playing solo is a nearly impossible task. Though the difficulty definitely adds quite a rush to the experience. For this I give GTFO a 9.0 out of 10

The good in GTFO.

This game is still a work in progress and the developers are pretty active which i see as a huge plus. The graphics are really good and the art style creates a creepy atmosphere that the player could get lost in. The maps are unlockable in tiers and there are plenty of missions to complete. Given the difficulty of the game communication is a must in the game inorder for a higher success rate.

This may seem annoying to solo players but i feel it adds to the games ability to really immerse the player into the game. There are a variety of weapons and gear that the player can scavenge and use.

For the good I see in this game I would give it a 9.0. This game is still a work in progress but feels like a complete game. The developers are working hard to constantly improve.

The issues with GTFO

My biggest issue with GTFO is that there is no matchmaking multiplayer. In order to play with others you need to invite them yourselves. However, they have created a discord for people to meet and find games so don’t think if you bought it alone that means you are stuck playing alone. My next issue is that there isn’t a huge selection of weapons.

There is quite the variety when you take into account the equipment and consumables scattered throughout the map but in sheer fire power it is limited to about five or six guns.  I do not believe that these are strong enough purchase influencing problems but i do believe that players should be aware of them before purchasing. For the issues with this game I still firmly believe this game is a 9.0 out of 10.

To wrap it up

GTFO is a great game that keeps getting better. I look forward to the future changes that the developers make and can see that the community is currently growing. Many I have encountered share a similar view on the game and look forward to seeing how it flourishes.

This game creates an incredible atmosphere and really depends on cooperation. These elements are hard to accomplish and I commend the developers for their execution. I stand firm with my 9.0 out of 10 rating. 

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