Gears 5 Game Review | Gears of War 5 Game Review

Gears 5 Game Review | Gears of War 5 Game Review

Gears 5, or Gears of War 5, has maintained the fast paced, gore fill, and exciting mayhem that the franchise has been known to be. Gears since the second installment has consisted of 3 main modes. Campaign, horde, and versus multiplayer.

Gears 5 Game Review - Gears of War 5 Game Review

In Gears 5 They also added the escape mode. These modes have always been very strong works by the Gears franchise and the Coalition stepped up and maintained their importance to the series while adding in their own creative flair. Gears 5 overall is 8.5 out of 10.

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A look into the campaign.

The campaign since the original Gears of war has been a huge selling point for the franchise. This includes their incredible narrative abilities, beautiful world building, and of course their huge boss fights.

Gears has always had a great campaign and that is no exception for Gears 5. In Gears 5 they took a step back from their linear style and added more open world elements. Of course it still follows a linear path to maintain it’s natural progression but allows the player to explore more of the world they have come to know and love. The campaign also gives experienced Gears players a very nostalgic feel with the return of “relic weapons”.

Relic weapons are the different versions of some of the guns that were in previous Gears games. As well as being able to upgrade our good friend Jack. These two additions brought some more interactive choices to the campaign where in previous Gears games your only choice was to take the left or right door. After playing through the campaign a few times  the score i would assign it is an 8.0 out of 10.

The Goriest horde.

Horde has always been a fan favorite of the franchise. Being introduced in the second installment of the series the Gears franchise has always attempted to make the horde experience bigger and better. For those who don’t know the horde mode is where five players fight together through fifty waves of enemies.

Scavenging for gears and killing for points in order to build and enhance your defences. In the most recent installment they brought a huge emphasis to their skill card system. This allows players to obtain and upgrade different skills that will increase an individual’s chance of survival as well as a level system for the characters themselves. This created a situation where every character has specialization whether it be increased damage, health, or discounts on fortifications.

Another change they made to horde mode was that they added to the difficulty setting. Now instead every difficulty adds a mutator to the enemies or game mode itself. Changes like increased health, no restarts, etc. With all these changes the score i would assign the horde mode is a 9.0 out of 10

Versus experience – Multiplayer

The versus mode of gears has always been a staple for it’s fast paced nature. Though what I feel is truly notable about the multiplayer experience is that the game modes are different from your standard team deathmatch and king of the hill modes. They have tailored their game modes to be more gears of war oriented. From 2v2 gnashor shotguns, holiday event modes, etc.

My one complaint about the multiplayer though is that it feels out of all the categories it has remained relevantly unchanged throughout the years. This is not necessarily a bad thing but i do feel that if you have played multiplayer since gears of war 3 there has not been a significant amount of change to the experience.   They have added mild loadout changes and cosmetic changes to add a bit of life to the multiplayer. Things such as custom blood splatters based on what weapon you’re using, unlockable executions, and a small selection of starting loadouts.

Like i said before being consistent isn’t a bad thing but in my opinion the gears franchise does need to add a bit more life to the multiplayer experience and for that i give the multiplayer a 7.5 out of 10.

Escape captivity 

The escape mode is the final mode I would like to touch on. Escape is a brand new mode introduced in Gears 5 where a team of 3 consisting of the hive buster squad. The team is brought to an enemy encampment where your goal is to set off poison gas and escape before the gas reaches you.

This mode is a nice refreshing change to the PVE experience. Since this follows similar rules to horde in terms of difficulty settings, specific mode loadouts and skills, and as well as adding in new missions every couple of weeks i feel this mode adds a lot of replayability to the Gears 5’s arsenal.

You start every mission with just a pistol and your selected skill cards. You fight your way through a horde of enemies  while scavenging for gear and looking for locks to pull to delay the poison from reaching you. Overall i felt like escape was a great addition to Gears and i look forward to seeing what they plan to do with it next. For this section I would give escape a 8.0 out of 10.

Overall opinion

To sum up what I’ve explained, I believe that Gears 5 is a great addition to the franchise. The coalition has kept up the reputation of Gears as well as bring in their own flavor. Normally in my experience when either a franchise has gone on too long or switch developers there is normally a pretty noticeable drop in performance.

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I do not believe that happened in this case. They helped push Gears from it’s stagnated state into the beginning of it’s new life. Gears as many of us know it is gone but was able to keep the core structure of its original creation. This in itself i feel is quite a notable achievement for the developers and i look forward to seeing their next moves. Overall, I would give Gears 5 an 8.5 out of 10.

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