Five Chinese Academicians Will Deliver Important Speeches: Molecular Hydrogen as a New Direction of Medical Research in China

SHANGHAI, Nov. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Asclepius Meditec (“the Company”), the organizer of the conference, is pleased to announce that five academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhong Nanshan, Tang Zhaoyou, Fan Daiming, Xia Zhaofan and Ding Wenjiang, will deliver important speeches on hydrogen biomedicine at the 7th National Conference on Hydrogen Biomedicine on November 27th, 2021, Beijing time.

The conference is the most influential national conference since China launched large-scale hydrogen biomedical research in 2011. The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), directly under the State Council of China, represents the country’s highest honor in the field of science and technology. The five academicians of this conference are delivering the speeches simultaneously at the conference, indicating that hydrogen biomedicine has been fully recognized by the scientific community and will become a new direction of medical research in China in the future.

Five academicians of CAE attending the conference

Since 2020, Chinese medicine has drawn wide attention from the international community thanks to its outstanding performance in fighting COVID-19. During COVID-19 period rampaged in China, a Hydrogen Oxygen Generator with Nebulizer produced by Shanghai Asclepius Meditec Co., Ltd., with output of mixed gas 3L/min containing 66.6% hydrogen; and 33.3% oxygen, has been included in China National COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for three times. Taking it as an opportunity, hydrogen biomedicine as a new force of Chinese medicine has come into the public eye.

According to China’s anti-pandemic expert team, molecular hydrogen has the functions of anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, scavenging malignant free radicals, dispersive oxygen and enhancing human immunity, which has obvious effects on the treatment of respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.During the pandemic in China, more than 3,000 patients adopted “oxygen and hydrogen inhalation” to relieve dyspnea, cough and chest distress. Among them, after “hydrogen and oxygen inhalation” a large number of severe patients significantly alleviated their symptoms. The discharge time is significantly shortened as well.

The World Health Organization has found that even if those who have strong immunity get infected with the novel coronavirus, they will only become asymptomatic infected patients, with relatively little impact on health. Therefore, China’s anti-pandemic expert team has recommended “hydrogen and oxygen inhalation” for COVID-19 prevention and rehabilitation.

Hydrogen oxygen medicine is a medical method enriched with Chinese philosophical thinking. Hydrogen oxygen mixed gas is produced from natural water molecules, which is more green, environmentally friendly and harmless compared with modern medicine with side effects. Chinese scientists have broken through the technical bottleneck of flammable and explosive character of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas, and widely applied the therapy to COVID-19 treatment, which can be called the pioneering work of modern medicine. According to a report titled “Strategies and Progress in Combating Novel Coronavirus in China” published in the Journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, “hydrogen and oxygen inhalation” therapy is currently the only treatment with “unknown side effects” other than convalescent plasma therapy.

Taking the efforts of Chinese scientists in the past decade as its foundation, Shanghai Asclepius Meditec Co. Ltd., a pioneer in the field of molecular hydrogen medicine in China, has obtained the certification for Class III medical device by China NMPA, which is not only the first in China, but also the first one over the world.

On November 27, the 7th National Conference on Hydrogen Biomedicine, to be held in Shanghai, China, will be broadcast live worldwide. Global live link (English version):

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Five Chinese Academicians Will Deliver Important Speeches: Molecular Hydrogen as a New Direction of Medical Research in China WeeklyReviewer

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