Vaccinating – Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids

What are vaccines? Why is vaccinating so important and a topic of conversation we need to converse about right now.

According to WHO, vaccines are “biological preparations,that improves a person’s immunity to a particular disease”. Vaccination is the administration of vaccines– those biological preparations, that stimulates ones immune system and fights against pathogens. It is known that vaccinating helps to prevent infectious diseases. There has been a lot going on about vaccination, some people doubting it’s necessity and importance. Fears have arisen against vaccination which will be addressed in this article.

Vaccinating - Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids WeeklyReviewer Vaccinating

Recently there has been a controversies and an influx of opinions about vaccination. As parents, you should know that it is your duty to protect your child’s health. There are risks when you choose not to vaccinate your kids. Children are exposed to a variety of diseases, some of which may have long term effects and these diseases have no treatment or cure. Vaccines are the only way to protect your kids from such deadly diseases. It is very important to follow the set guidelines on vaccinating to properly vaccinate kids at the right ages. Examples of such diseases are:  polio, which can eventually lead to permanent paralysis, meningitis, which can lead to permanent deafness and brain damage. Measles, which can lead to swelling in the brain and eventually death.  Even something as small as tetanus. If you child is not vaccinated, a little cut or wound could kill your child. Are you willing to take the risks? Most of these sicknesses are airborne, so even if you minimize human contact, your child is still at risk.

Now who is at risk from unvaccinated children? You, me, the entire community, everyone who comes in contact with your kids, especially the old and the very young. People who suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart, liver and kidney problems are also at risk, people with weakened immune system are also at risk, newborn babies who are too young to get vaccinated are also at risk .When your child is not vaccinated, they risk catching diseases and spreading it to others.

Death rates of vaccine preventable diseases

Vaccinating - Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids WeeklyReviewer Vaccinating

A lot of people have died and are still dying from vaccine preventable diseases in the world today. in fact children are the target.

This report shows world wide deaths from vaccine preventable diseases and most of the people who have died are children.

  • Around 90,000 deaths, mostly children from measles ever year
  • Over 4,200 death from chicken pox yearly
  • Around 60,000 die from rabies
  • Over 70,000 die from tetanus.

I know this is the modern era, but people still die from vaccine preventable diseases this days. Diseases that could have been prevented with just an injection; vaccinating is a life saving technology.

Dangers of vaccination

Vaccinating - Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids WeeklyReviewer Vaccinating

Some people have given so many reasons why they won’t vaccinate their children. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Symptoms occurring after vaccinating kids, include swelling, rashes or redness on the injection site,crying weakness, shock and tiredness.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can’t be trusted. There are many events occurring over the last ten years, stating harmful drugs pharmaceutical companies have covered up to make profits.
  • Some people have said vaccines are loaded with chemicals and heavy metals. Like mercury, nickel, arsenic, uranium and minor traces of aluminium.
  • Vaccinated children are the most unhealthy and chronically sick.
  • You can get vaccinated, but vaccination cannot be undone.
Vaccinating - Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids WeeklyReviewer Vaccinating

Can you imagine? Just take a look at all these reasons, are they worth wasting your child’s life for? Is your child worth dying for them? Because I personally think it’s not worth it. None of these reasons are backed by research. You just see your neighbor down the street, saying no to vaccination due to some of these reasons and you also say no, without doing your research. The decision of vaccinating your children should not be taken lightly.

Benefits of vaccination

Vaccinating - Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids WeeklyReviewer Vaccinating

Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of vaccination.

Vaccines help save lives

Reports have shown that vaccines have prevented 33,000 deaths in the US and about 3 million world wide. The main purpose of vaccines is to prevent diseases. If vaccination is stopped, there will be an outbreak in diseases such as measles, meningitis and all the other vaccine preventable diseases. Vaccines helps to save lives by preventing disease outbreaks.

Vaccines are safe

There is no evidence or research proving that vaccines are dangerous. Vaccines are safe and are administered to children for protection against diseases. There are chances of an adverse reaction but those one in a million chances are not worth risking your child and the population, much less indicative of the dangers of vaccines; it should be noted by any reader that my point is that vaccines are safe and can be trusted. Work with your doctor, for your child consult a pediatrician and make sure they are safe from the diseases that are a threat. You don’t need every vaccine known to mankind that would be absurd and ruthless to any child but yes for every region there are a good number you need to build up over time.

Vaccinating - Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Kids WeeklyReviewer Vaccinating

Vaccines are effective

Over the years, vaccines have proven to be effective in the fight against diseases. Millions of people have died because they weren’t vaccinated and they have died from vaccine preventable diseases.Vaccines are cost effective

The cost of vaccines is lower than that which you use to treat the diseases.

Vaccines protect you and the people you care about

Getting an immunization prevents you and your family from diseases which could kill you. But with vaccines, even if you contract the disease, the risk of you dying is very low. The vaccines in your body will help you fight off that sickness.

So now you see, the benefits of getting vaccinated are greater than the dangers. The discomfort your child feels when receiving immunization from the needle or any stress will pass. Strong illnesses you will almost DEFINITELY get if you DO NOT vaccinate will not pass so easily, for your child or anyone else they come in contact to at risk.

Why should you vaccinate your child

I think we already know this, here are the reasons why you should vaccinate your child.

  • Vaccination helps fight against diseases: if your child has been vaccinated against a disease, their body fights it off better
  • Vaccination is quick and safe: compared to how long, your child will spend suffering against diseases, vaccination is quick – and safe.
  • If you don’t vaccinate your child, he/ she is at risk. Unvaccinated children have a higher chance of contracting sickness and diseases.

In conclusion, as a parent you should know what is right for your child, even if there are risks, you should be willing to take them, for the sake of the long run. This isn’t something to be stubborn about. You need to move forward and take action. Now you may not know who might have heard you talking to someone about not vaccinating your kids and the person decided to follow the same route. Help save a life today! Spread this information.

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