CSCTE 2021 Wrapped Up Successfully, Writing a New Chapter on Building a Sports Power

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On November 28, the 2021 China Sports Culture Expo & China Sports Tourism Expo (hereinafter referred to as the CSCTE 2021) successfully concluded in PWTC Expo. The conference is organized by Asia Data Group. With 5 exhibition zones, over 10 parallel forums, more than 10 supporting activities, the event convened over 10 international sports organizations, more than 10 international delegations, 17 provincial and municipal delegations, over 120 global industry leaders, more than 200 well-known institutions, enterprises and brands at home and abroad and 15 million online participants. The three-day CSCTE 2021 once again demonstrated its capacity as an international, professional, market-oriented and high-caliber event, and its leading role in the development of the sports industry.

Lighting the Way Ahead for a Sports Power

Building a sports power is an important goal of building a modern socialist country in all respects. The development of sports is not only part of realizing the Chinese dream, but also provides strong spiritual strength for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The CSCTE 2021 is a wonderful epitome of China’s resolute march from a major sports country to a sports power.

The CSCTE 2021 connects China and the world, the present and the future, and sports and culture & tourism. While convening more and more important guests from the political, academic, sports and corporate circles, it gives the world a glimpse of the new vitality and the latest achievements in the development of the sports industry in China. During the event, parallel forums and keynote speeches focused on the hot topics at the forefront and gave rise to brilliant ideas one after another through dialogues, ushering in a better future of building a sports power.

At the main forum, Tu Xiaodong, Director-General of the Press and Publicity Department of General Administration of Sport of China, gave a keynote speech on how new media helping promote the Chinese sportsmanship and the highlights in the publicity of Tokyo Olympics on the internet. In his speech, he mentioned that, during the Tokyo Olympics, the mainstream media had led the far-reaching communication of positivity on the internet; the media outlets of the China Central Television had comprehensively covered the event through seamless collaboration; Weibo had become the most important platform for information release and communication, with a total of 451.4 billion views of related topics, 120 billion views of short videos and 3.3 billion interactive posts, benefiting from the means of visual media and guiding the trend of mainstream values.

Ingmar DeVos, FEI President, IOC Member and IHSC President, said in his keynote speech that China in recent years has hosted more than 100 equestrian events at home and abroad and as many as1,000 regional events every year, which is spectacular. To further support the development of the domestic equestrian industry, the General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly issued the National Development Plan for China’s Horse Industry (2020-2025). In support of the goals set by the Chinese government, the FEI and the Chinese Equestrian Association have worked together closely to develop a comprehensive plan through the FEI Solidarity programme.

In his speech, Andreas Zagklis, Secretary General of FIBA, first recapped the biggest ever to date 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup which was hosted in China. Among the 8 host cities, half were in Guangdong Province. He said that the FIBA has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the Chinese basketball community, and believed all these efforts of the FIBA have been aligned with the “Three Big Balls Strategy” and “Sport-Education Integration” policy of China.

John Elias, President of International Ski Federation, mentioned in his speech that the Olympic Games should be a beginning of development rather than a culmination. The Olympic Games should leave humanity with sports legacy and continue to inspire the public after the games. Beijing has raised the bar on such standard in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He believed that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will live up to a similar expectation.

In his speech, Jean Todt, President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), said that the motorsport industry contributes EUR160 billion directly and indirectly to the global economy. Its annual growth in total output value is USD 200 billion and provides 1.5 million jobs. China’s efforts in the promotion of motorsport will effectively raising the interest of the younger generation. Given the widespread popularity of motorsport, efforts should be made to extend and take advantage of every opportunity to double its growth. Successful implementation measures will make it more affordable and inclusive.

“New Mission, New Journey, Shared Dream” are both the themes of the CSCTE 2021 and the key words throughout the event, including the main forum, parallel forums, and seminars. This year the event has a clearer goal: the acceleration of the building of a sports power requires the integration of sports into the overall pattern of achieving the Two Centenary Goals, so as to promote the coordinated development of sports and cultural tourism; a louder voice: the historical opportunity of hosting the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics needs to be fully utilized to support the high-quality development of the sports industry and promote sports-related consumption. Emerging technologies should be utilized to support the quality and efficiency of the sports industry and to help form a new development pattern in which sports culture and sports tourism act as contributors to one another; a consensus-building concept: the development of sports is not only an important part of the realization of the Chinese Dream, but also provides a great power to pool people’s efforts together for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

At the CSCTE 2021, which is themed on “New Mission, New Journey, Shared Dream”, guests from all walks of life have found more answers to a series of significant issues, such as how to further promote the deep integration of sports and cultural tourism, deepen sports reform, update the concept of sports, and promote the coordinated development of mass sports and competitive sports. Also, the CSCTE 2021 also sparked in-depth deliberations about the future of the sports industry.

A Gathering of Prominence, Showcasing New Achievements in Sports and Cultural Tourism

The vigorous vitality of the CSCTE 2021 echoes the thriving of sports in this new era. The CSCTE 2021 is not only a showcase for the integrated development of sports culture, sports tourism and sports industry, but also a stage for communicating traditional sports culture and modern sports technology, and a hall of fame for acknowledging pioneering models in the sports industry.
A total of five special exhibition areas were set up in the CSCTE 2021, including Sports Culture & Tourism Exhibition Area, Local Sports Culture & Tourism Exhibition Area, National and International Group Exhibition Area, Sports Consumption and Service Exhibition Area, and Smart Sports Exhibition Area.

On the site, over 200 top brand manufacturers from around the world brought their latest products, world’s leading up-to-date technologies, and newest solutions for the sports industry.

Good Family’s outdoor gym and HQ Sports’ fitness-for-all equipment allow us to see the new development trend which incorporates the internet technology. The design of their products is tailored to different venues, landscapes and people. Moreover, the products are equipped with access to the internet, facilitating the digitalization of fitness data of users nationwide.

Damai, together with its partners, built the Boxing Culture Zone, which not only showcased training supplies for boxing, but also brought the boxing ring to the venue. A complete system of services for boxing is provided here. The visitors’ enthusiasm o at the scene also proved the growing market potential of sports consumption.

Onshore curling of Glacier Bay and the table curling of Changchun Yitian form a delightful contrast, and they not only displayed their products, but also showed full support for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is around the corner, 300 million people are going to participate in ice and snow sports. People’s passion for snow and ice sports is rising to new heights.

Over the years, Guangzhou ACT Corporation has successfully served the Paralympic Games, Asian Games, Youth Olympic Games and other large-scale sports events. The exhibition has attracted great attention through its new products of technology + sports, such as the advanced turf system for competitions made by scientific technology + artificial turf, smart venue seats and smart venue operation solutions. A large number of enterprises with the need for construction and operation of cultural and sports complex venues, cultural and sports industrial parks, cultural and leisure parks have sought cooperation.

In the past year, many excellent pioneer models in the sports industry have been at the forefront, promoting the continuous development of cross-border integration between sports and other fields in China. The scale of sports consumption continues to expand, the sports service industry has embraced a good opportunity for development, and the innovative application of sports science and technology keeps emerging. The pioneers of the “2021 China’s Leading Sports Consumption Cities” awards, the “2021 China’s Leading Sports Brand Innovation Series” awards and the “China’s Leading Training Brands” awards were unveiled at the CSCTE 2021, so that the models could play the admirable and leading roles.

These outstanding brands among the sports industry can boost the formation of a good industrial development orientation, promote extensive exchanges in various industries, and lead the diversified development of the whole sports industry chain driven by brands. Meanwhile, they are able to activate the development momentum of the sports industry, and further gather a strong force to build a sports country.

Numerous New Business Opportunities Shared for Sports Industry Development

This is a platform for open cooperation. During the expo, the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China established a strategic cooperative relationship with the People’s Government of Mengzi Municipality to give a full play to the advantages of sports culture based on the sports and cultural tourism resources of Mengzi and national sports tourism resources, fully support Mengzi to create projects that integrate culture, sports and tourism, guide the construction of national sports tourism routes, publicize and explore the culture of sports events, and make use of sports celebrity resources, such as national media platforms, Olympic champions and world champions, so as to build a series of national sports cultural tourism brand projects in the city, enhance its soft power, build new development advantages, and show the new charm of the city.

This is a platform for diverse cooperation. The CSCTE 2021 promoted in-depth industrial exchanges and industrial cooperation via a series of industrial activities, including business negotiation, resource promotion, enterprise docking, and city exchanges. Many sports cultural tourism projects have been engaged in cooperation here. The promotion of the Qinghai ecological sports tourism project has brought more people at different levels to the exhibition. The first cross-border sports e-commerce sports platform in China was officially launched. Tianyin Interaction signed a contract with Spark Sport, a value-added strategic partner, to enrich and diversify the sports business. Regional representatives and mainstream brand manufacturers both at home and abroad have made full use of the exhibition to seek new opportunities, promote new cooperation and explore new markets.

The fruitful CSCTE 2021 has witnessed the tide of integrated development of sports, culture and tourism, injecting strong impetus into the construction of a sports power. Standing in a whirlwind of the new era, let us join hands to turn the ideological consensus into concrete actions, turn the sports spirit of hardworking and striving for the best into a driving force for the high-quality development of the sports industry, and write a new chapter on the new journey of building a sports power.

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