Crypto Llamas NFT Is Pleased to Announce That They Have Begun Minting Their Llamas NFT's

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Crypto Llamas NFT, a new player that recently made a splash in the NFT world, has recently begun minting their Crypto Llamas NFT. NFT stands for non-fungible token. They are unique tokens that represent a specific asset or goods, especially digital art and collectibles. Unlike bitcoins and other crypto coins, NFT’s can’t be interchanged or replaced with identical tokens. Each NFT is truly unique. Crypto Llama is an Ethereum blockchain ERC-721 smart contract. Crypto Llamas is a fairly launched, tradable NFT collection. The Crypto Llamas NFT’s artwork is programmatically generated based on over 200+ different assets. This means that many thousands of unique permutations can be created.

Crypto Llamas NFT website contains everything anyone needs to know about Crypto Llamas NFT collection and more info about NFT in general. Crypto Llamas NFT is part of the wave of the future when it comes to digital art that has real-world utilities. In Phase 2, the Llamas’ functionality will expand into becoming utility tokens for use within the Llama ecosystem. Owners of Crypto Llama will be rewarded with “GRASS” tokens. The GRASS token is a BEP-20 smart contract built on the “BSC” blockchain (Binance Smart Chain). Upon launch of Phase 2, there will be a massive airdrop of GRASS tokens to Crypto Llama NFT holders’ wallets. The amount of initial GRASS that NFT holders receive shall be based on the number of, and class of, Crypto Llama NFT’s held at that time.

On Crypto Llamas NFT website, visitors can check the roadmap of this project. The first stage represents the pre-sale and minting. The next stage starts after 25% of all minted Crypto Llamas have been sold. This is the time to create and build a community of investors who want to grow their portfolio of digital art that provides real-world utility. In stage 3 is time to get the word out with the help of celebrities who are willing to promote and share with the world how powerful and amazing this community is. In stage 4, members of The Llama Farm will get access to dozens of resources that will improve communication between community members. In stage 5, investors will get swag, more resources, and will be officially a part of the ‘Fiber & Camelidae’ club. The final stage 6 is reached after 100% of all Crypto Llamas NFT’s have been sold. In this stage, investors will unlock the 1st Set of Virtual Utilities and will earn Llama GRASS (Currency) to participate in the LlamaDome.

The creative team behind the Crypto Llama NFT project consists of Russell Rabichev and Jeffery M. Banek. Mr. Rabichev is an experienced crypto coins trader who specialized in trading Ethereum. However, his interests don’t stop in the crypto coins world only. Mr. Rabichev is also an important NFT investor, creator, pioneer in the NFT ecosystem, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. Currently, his main focus is on the NFT world. As the visionary founder of Crypto Llamas NFT, Mr. Rabichev, is one of the leading NFT investors, owning and managing highly valuable bluechip NFTs Cryptopunks and Cryptokongz and many other NFT investment portfolios. He believes that NFT’s are the next big thing that will shape the world and will play an important role in defining and trading new pieces of art. Mr. Banek, aka The Funnel Doc, is a renowned marketer that specializes in sales funnels. In just 4 years, his funnels made over 40 million dollars. For his success, he was rewarded with multiple awards. Mr. Banek is a three times Two Comma winner and an 8-Figure Award winner.

NFT beginners can find everything they know from NFT’s for newbies, an FB group created by Russell Rabichev and Jeffery Banek. This group is the fastest-growing NFT group on Facebook. Here, NFT beginners can find the information they need from a community of like-minded individuals that want to become experts in the NFT space. They will learn what they need to make, launch, sell and invest in NFTs.

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Crypto Llamas NFT Is Pleased to Announce That They Have Begun Minting Their Llamas NFT's WeeklyReviewer

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