Chicago's Implantologist Dr. Irfan Atcha provides hope for patients with No jaw bone with dental implants.

For chronic denture sufferers, this cutting-edge protocol (Zygomatic dental implants) allows patients to have dental implants and new teeth who previously were not able to wear implant-supported teeth on the upper jaw, due to lack of supportive bone, to do so without multiple and expensive bone enhancing surgeries, which sometimes included grafting bone from the patients hip. The nature of this revolutionary procedure also improves healing and reduces post-surgical discomfort.

CHICAGO, Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Treatment of the fully edentulous (all teeth missing) upper jaw with moderate to severe bone loss with a fixed implant supported teeth is a challenge. One alternative long available has been the utilization of bone transplant (bone grafting) often from patients’ hip, chin, jaw, and the skull. This required second surgical site, long healing time, and more costs associated to the patient. “By offering our patients with the implant alternatives to bone grafting with the Zygomatic Implants for the completely edentulous (missing all teeth) upper jaw we are able to fabricate either a fixed or removable implant supported prosthesis (teeth),” says Dr. Atcha. Long Zygomatic implants in each side of the upper jaw along with 2-4 conventional implants patients can get their teeth for chewing and social purpose sooner than later as extensive bone grafting is not required and thus it is more cost effective to the our patients as well says Atcha.

The science behind the modern dental breakthrough: “Many patients suffer from the loss of teeth and the reality of having to wear removable denture prosthesis. Difficulty with speech, mastication and esthetics are just a few of the problems that come with wearing dentures,” says Atcha. Bite force also can be reduced from 450 pounds per square inch to less than 50 in denture wearers. Patients now have the option of having all of their teeth replaced with zygoma implants that support either removable or non-removable dental prosthetics. “These implant-supported prostheses look, act and function more like a patient’s prior dentition,” mentions Atcha. “We see patients that have visited other specialists and their restorative dentists and they are told that they would need bone removed from their hip or their skull to have the bone grafting procedure done prior to having dental implants placed,” says Dr. Atcha “In reality these patients are treated with 2 Zygomatic (long) implants in the back part of the upper jaw and 2-4 conventional implants in the front area of the upper jaw and I am able to give them teeth for chewing and smiling in just a few weeks or months versus years,” says Atcha

The development of the Zygomatic implant presents a unique alternative for total rehabilitation of the severely resorted (shrunken) maxilla (upper jaw), with only one surgical procedure and without the need for grafting. This long implant is anchored in the upper jawbone/cheekbone and in the very dense zygoma bone. A temporary prosthesis can be fixed immediately after placing the implant and until the final restoration, once the prosthetic and esthetic criteria have been met and your expectations have been fulfilled. The main advantages of Zygomatic implants over sinus lift and hip grafting procedures are the shorter duration of the treatment and the success rate, which is 97% after 5 years, according to scientific studies mentions Dr. Atcha. “If you are a patient dissatisfied with your upper removable denture, you should consider this option, because Zygomatic implants will give you the opportunity to recover the biomechanics of your own natural teeth with proper biting force according to Atcha”.

The Zygomatic Implant technique will allow me to help the patients with advanced bone loss that have been wearing ill fitting dentures for years and have been told by their dentist that they have no solutions as the only solution for them is to wear an ill fitting upper denture,” says Dr. Atcha. “I am very passionate about helping patients that want a new lease on life with having teeth to chew and enjoy their favorite foods again. We are one of the few offices of its kind in the country that is providing this cutting edge procedure to the denture sufferers,” says Atcha.

For over 26 years Dr. Irfan Atcha maintains a private dental practice with emphasis on Dental Implants placement and restoration and Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago IL. He attended the University of Illinois and graduated with a D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery). He has completed extensive post-graduate training in Dental implants surgical and prosthetic components. He also has extensive training in Advanced Sedation and Anesthesia techniques for his patients comfort to rescue the dentally disabled and the disastrous. He has completed over thousands of advanced post graduate CE hours in Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry to stay on the cutting edge techniques. He also is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Diplomate of International Dental Implant Association, member of Academy of Osseointegration and has presented his cases locally and internationally in dental implant meetings. Dr. Atcha can be found on the web at

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Chicago's Implantologist Dr. Irfan Atcha provides hope for patients with No jaw bone with dental implants. WeeklyReviewer

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