Border Baloney – Covid Positive Canadians Face Less Restrictions

TORONTO, Jan. 6, 2021 /CNW/ – Canadians are being urged to question the logic behind the Government of Canada’s new Covid-19 measures for international travellers. Beginning tomorrow, all international travellers must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of entering Canada. The policy means a symptomatic Canadian who has tested positive for Covid-19 now has fewer restrictions placed upon them than an asymptomatic international traveller with a confirmed negative test.

Symptomatic Covid positive Canadians must self-isolate for a period of at least 10 days. There is no requirement to provide a quarantine plan although some provinces do telephone follow-ups. Asymptomatic Canadians aren’t eligible for testing in most provinces. For those who meet the requirements for testing they can end their self-isolation either immediately after receiving a negative test result or shortly after symptoms stop. This is in stark contrast to all international travellers who now must undergo testing, have a government approved 14 day quarantine plan, provide regular symptom monitoring updates and be subjected to telephone and in person follow-ups by government officials even if they have no symptoms and have received a Covid negative test result.

“This Liberal government is hastily slapping together a border policy built on bureaucratic baloney,” said Barret Armann, president of Unifor Local 7378. “How does it make any sense at all for a symptomatic Canadian who has tested positive for Covid-19 to be treated as less of a threat and face fewer restrictions than an international traveller who hasn’t even had a sniffle and receives a negative test result? Community spread accounts for the majority of Canada’s Covid cases but you wouldn’t know it comparing government policies side by side.”

Unifor Local 7378 is renewing calls it has made since September for the Government of Canada to replace the current mish-mash of border policies with a testing on arrival program across the country that mirrors the successful pilot program underway in Alberta that permits asymptomatic travellers to end their quarantines after receiving negative Covid-19 test results.

“Testing on arrival to Canada by Canadians is the best way to ensure accuracy and capture every case of Covid-19 entering our country. A Canadian who has experienced symptoms can go back to work at a factory amongst hundreds of others after receiving a negative test result but every single traveller must sit at home for 14 days? Where is the science or logic behind that? Given the number of politicians who travelled over the holidays, it’s safe to say there isn’t any. It’s time for a one country – one policy approach to Canada’s borders that is built upon testing on arrival and shortened quarantines.” concluded Armann.

SOURCE Unifor Local 7378

Border Baloney - Covid Positive Canadians Face Less Restrictions WeeklyReviewer

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Border Baloney - Covid Positive Canadians Face Less Restrictions WeeklyReviewer
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Border Baloney - Covid Positive Canadians Face Less Restrictions WeeklyReviewerBorder Baloney - Covid Positive Canadians Face Less Restrictions WeeklyReviewer

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