Apostle Odule Bitol, Author of "Haiti, Return to God," Implores Haitians to Embrace Christianity

TAMPA, Fla., July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pastor Odule Bitol has written a book, “Haiti, Return to God,” pleading with his fellow brothers and sisters in Haiti to heed the Israelite example, to fear God and to obey His commandments. Then and only then can Haiti be blessed by God, he says, but the Haitian people have based their whole identity as an independent nation on voodoo worship, and they have suffered curse after curse as a result.

Many people today scoff that voodoo worship is nothing more than quaint superstition, but Bitol knows it is very real and very powerful. In his book, he calls upon Haitians to put themselves in the hands of the one, true, and all-powerful God – the triune God of the Old and New Testaments. Only in this way can Haitians overturn the curse.

Some Christians would argue that God has nothing to do with politics and neither should they. As if it is above them to stand up and speak out when the nation around them denies God and loses its way. Bitol demonstrates this is not God’s way for man – that repentance applies to both persons and nations.

“We bring God’s blessings down upon us by not only loving Him but also by fearing Him, by obeying his commandments. This is the way of life. We bring curses down upon us by worshiping idols and defying His commandments. This is the way of death,” says Bitol.

Bitol has seen enough of death. He has seen enough of the suffering of his people. He knows the Bible and understands its message and realizes only the Biblical message can save his people. Both personal and national repentance can make Haiti a prosperous and free nation.

While the author himself is a minister and preacher, he has written a book for all Christians, and for all Haitians without any sectarian bias or lecturing. He has also written a book for all Americans. Americans are in the process of throwing away their Biblical promise by adopting every imaginable perverse idea, belief and promise designed by Satan to turn them away from the one true God. This is a truth that “polite” American Christians do not want to listen to or accept.

Bitol has done his homework. Relying heavily on the Biblical commentaries of the most prominent of the non-conformist ministers in Britain, the 18th Century Christian scholar Matthew Henry, the author has demonstrated a masterful knowledge of the Bible and applies it in a message that is rarely uttered today: the need for national repentance.

Bitol is not preaching political reform. His message is much bigger. Nor is he cursing, shaming, judging or condemning mankind. He is pleading with them to wake up, take responsibility, stop blaming others and to turn away from the elemental spirits. He urges people to return to God so they will be blessed among the nations. “Continue on the same path as before and you will invite only death, destruction and despair,” Bitol explains.

With the assassination of Jovenel Moise, the most recent Haitian President, the urgency of Pastor Odule’s message becomes even more evident. He is asking everyone around the world for their prayers of support for his country HAITI. “We need all the collective prayer we can have in this difficult situation we are facing, to deliver this nation from these evil demonic forces that have kept the country captive for many decades,” concludes Bitol.

Odule Bitol invites everyone to listen to Haitian radio station Radio Provision at: https://radioprovision.com/

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Apostle Odule Bitol, Author of "Haiti, Return to God," Implores Haitians to Embrace Christianity WeeklyReviewer

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