AEX is Advancing Globally with a Multi-dimensional Ecological Strategy

SINGAPORE, Dec. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Frank Sun, the President of AEX Global Strategy, shared his thoughts on the development history of AEX Exchange, its promotion plan and the trend of the crypto market in “8 Years of AEX Exchange: How to Promote Globalization” on December 1st. Frank used to be a former Wall Street investment banker with successful experience in P2P and securities projects, and he is a professional crypto financial product designer which has designed a number of crypto financial products.

Frank Sun, President of AEXGlobal Global Strategy, was an elite Wall Street investment bank with successful P2P and securities project operation experience; a professional encrypted wealth management product designer, who designed a variety of encrypted and explosive wealth management products, is known in the industry as ” The first person in encrypted financial management”.

1. The development of AEX Exchange and its advantages

AEX was founded in the initial period of the crypto market. At that time, the variety of crypto assets was quite few. During the development, AEX has precipitated millions of veteran users and has witnessed many explosive growths in the variety of digital assets and the scale of crypto assets.

Secondly, AEX has a good reputation in the crypto world. In the 8-year of AEX’s operation, there have been no major security incidents and no tokens with heavy losses to users, which is extremely rare in first-tier exchanges. For the security and control of the tokens on the shelves, this is also an important reason why many users always trading on AEX exchange.

Moreover, AEX Exchange has precipitated a wealth of financial models. AEX is the first Exchange to create their own platform token and the first Exchange who takes the lead uploaded dogecoin. AEX breaks the initial consensus that industry exchanges could only trade BTC and the creation of a multi-chain aggregated liquidity mining protocol like ASwap.

AEX’s advantages are obvious. According to three dimensions, AEX is a crypto trading platform for the aggregation of asset flow and information flow, which contrasts with many exchanges (only asset flow); AEX financial saving derivatives are more abundant and competitive. Institutional users and high net worth customers are massive. AEX finance module blockchain asset storage scale is located in the forefront of exchanges.

In terms of security, AEX has accumulated a large number of hacking samples, and developed and implemented a comprehensive prevention program and measures such as intelligent identification of CC attacks, and the global users of fiat assets in and out more smoothly.

2. Flowing AEX’s information

In 2013, people’s knowledge of bitcoin was still very vague and there were few users in the industry. AEX decided to build a blockchain industry media-style platform from the information portal where users could learn and discuss to know more about bitcoin and also trade bitcoin instantly. The discussion space also known as token theory which is still in use today.

In November, AEX community was upgraded to BitTalk, a global community that integrates forums and information to build a multi-dimensional place for industry information flow aggregation. Due to the presence of a large number of project parties, media, KOL, crypto enthusiasts and other groups for content production, AEX users will be able to see information that is global and industry multi-module. For example, crypto news, blockchain basics, NFT, DeFI, meta-universe, WEB3, regulatory policies, etc.

BitTalk can have multi-dimensional token information to match the scientific flow of assets of users. BitTalk has become a bridge for blockchain project and fan information interchange, providing objective reference for users’ crypto asset allocation, and can also contribute to the spawning of value crypto financial product model to contribute continuously.

3. The effect of the BitTalk community on AEX

In 2013, AEX introduced Dogecoin, XRP, Bitcoin and XLM for the first time and named them in Chinese. AEX was the first exchange to enrich the trading tokens. Benefits to the fact that AEX saw the community users’ hot discussion and concern about the crypto currency.

In 2017, the first 1,000x platform token TMC was born, and it was the active community that brought the value of the platform eco-pass to the attention of the industry. Later, AEX saw that the crypto industry surged out a large number of platform tokens, which accounted for quite a large share of the crypto market capitalization.

In November 2020, the ASwap pool protocol was born, with the needs of the community users in mind. Many users complained about the trouble of on-chain mining operations, the fact that tokens can only be mined on the public chain they belong to, and the difficulty of obtaining revenue from heterogeneous chains. The interaction between community operators, users and project parties collided to create this product model that meets the public’s expectations and enjoys the benefits of mining in each chain.

4. The business models of AEX

AEX’s current digital asset services are importantly focused on two major segments: trading and finance.

The trading area has spot trading, fiat currency exchange, ASwap, contracts, etc. The finance area is quite rich, including DeFi pool, Staking, Fixed savings, Flexible savings, Mortgage, etc. In addition, users can get more comprehensive project information on AEX, and community users can deepen their cryptocurrency knowledge in the discussion. Users prefer to put their idle crypto assets on AEX to switch between various kinds of finance, saving the trouble of switching tokens from major platforms.

AEX financial services are well known in the industry, with a cumulative investment amount of $86.5 billion and $8.87 million, making a total of $223.7 million for users.

5. The plan of the AEX global market, such as fiat currency channel, compliance license and other events

In recent months, AEX has added 22 fiat currencies and received US and Canadian MSB licenses. It all started with a decision made in June of 2021: the launch of the AEX globalization strategy.

At the operational level, AEX tends to have an ecological strategic system to promote global business rather than simple user rapid expansion. Ecological segments such as AEX Global Community, AEX Institute, AEX Global Ambassadors, AEX Fiat Channel, Compliance License, and Platform token GAT will enable more users to enjoy safe, open, efficient, and convenient digital asset derivatives services.

The community provides more comprehensive crypto information and in-depth discussion space. The research institute gives users professional industry interpretation, let users have a better understanding of blockchain. The global Ambassadors can carry out localized operations for the local market to meet the needs of text interaction and product fit in the niche market. The compliance financial license and fiat currency access is to provide policy protection for the platform users’ assets; the platform token GAT will allow various ecological sectors to be related and build a more dynamic platform.

Overall, AEX adopts a steady development strategy rather than blind expansion. With three-dimensional services and brand influence to radiate and influence more regional users, so that users will not suffer losses for no reason after coming, but will be full of joy. First of all, users’ assets are 100% safe from the policy and technical level, in addition, either to access value information, or to enhance industry awareness, or to achieve wealth appreciation.

6. The vision of AEX and the maintenance of its advantage in the long-term exchange competition

Currently, AEX has millions of user volume in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. After the launch of the globalization strategy, the regional user base is growing in Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, the United States, Canada and other regions, and gradually penetrating into the financially weak regions.

As for exchange, good depth of transactions, high efficiency of aggregation, good technical assurance, and timely service, all of which have been validated by AEX in its 8 years of development. With two aspects of the vision:

AEX is positioned as the world’s leading digital commercial bank, dedicated to providing users with quality digital asset management services. With the influx of more users, the scale of crypto market capitalization will continue to expand and the advantages of our financial services will be further amplified.

At the user level, AEX wants all users to be able to “Invest Safely and Securely”. In terms of the global market, users are running into the crypto space. In this rather open and decentralized market, there is no need to worry about the lack of users, but rather the lack of crypto derivative models that users like, which gives AEX the opportunity to focus on its services.

The reality is that the cryptocurrency market fever and regulatory policies vary greatly from different countries, and the preferences of business models vary wildly among residents of different cultures, as well as the interaction habits of users vary from each region. AEX is providing refined services to more regional users around the world through strategic presence, such as local language interface, traditional financial body banking or tax system interface, and catering to regulatory needs to assist in the yield effect of their investments.

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