Adobe acrobat standard 2017

The new adobe acrobat standard 2017 is a perpetual version of your desktop that has been made to make your work easier. It has simplified the tasks that we do with PDF and has been made to have numerous advancements as you work with adobe on your desktop. You will feel organized and smart and this is exactly how others will view you. Adobe acrobat standard 2017 has been made with you as the user in mind since it has every help that you may need to edit and work with PDF. You have no reason to get worried since the new version has made it possible for people to work with pdf, create them, sign them and edit in any other way they may feel like. It is a market leader that has been in existence for many years and you are free to work with it as you feel like. Actually most of the documents you download online are pdf documents and they are easy to read.   


Adobe acrobat standard 2017 WeeklyReviewer Adobe acrobat standard 2017Adobe acrobat standard 2017 WeeklyReviewer Adobe acrobat standard 2017

The best invention that happened on the adobe acrobat reader is the adobe acrobat standard 2017 that revolutionized the world of PDF. It has made it possible to view and compare two pdf files. The all-new compare files tool enables a user to accurately and quickly tell the difference between two files where one cannot tell the difference just by looking. Adobe acrobat standard 2017 has tools that make it possible to scan and gives you a summary that highlights the difference between the files you are comparing. Adobe acrobat standard 2017 has a tabbed interface that makes it easy to view many pdf files. You can switch along the tabs at the top through choosing the file you need at every tab. There is a button that enables you to navigate between next and previous files especially if the pdf files are many and they cannot fit on the document view window. The tabs are resized by adobe acrobat standard 2017 automatically when the documents cannot fit on the view window.     


Adobe acrobat standard 2017 has made it possible for the user to see a numbered list and a bulleted list control and in the panel named Edit PDF format. A user can create numbered and bulleted lists, revert from bulleted or numbered list to regular list, convert a certain paragraph to make it a numbered or bulleted list, and make any lists that they prefer. The new acrobat can now detect the numbered or bulleted list that one has in the document and this is shown at the bottom of the menu. It has a gray line to separate. The scanner tool has a better interface that is easy to use. You can quickly scan documents using the present settings or provide some preset functions. You can also fine tune the settings from the interface you are working with using the gear icon, radio button, or a combination of the two. Adobe acrobat standard 2017 has made it easier to digitally sign a document, verify, and certify documents using a digital ID. You can customize the appearance of the signature so that it becomes yours. Add some custom features such as signing reason, location, date, and logo. You are at liberty to upload a signature or draw your own as you wish.

Features of Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017

Edit the pdf files speedily using the easy bullet updates and full-page paragraph reflow

Use the improved table formatting and bullet formatting to export pdf files to power point, excel and Microsoft word.

Access, store, and edit files in the Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Fill, send, and sign, pdf forms faster using the smart autofill

Access the files you had opened recently from the mobile device or the computer

A feature that enables you to view multiple files on a single window view

Customer satisfaction

Adobe acrobat standard 2017 is renowned for its optimal functionality since it does not disappoint. It works pretty well for every operating system and does not need any upgrade for it to work. It has been feted by many customers due to the ease with which it is compatible with the mobile devices. Customers also like it since they can scan, sign, and send pdf documents with ease.   

Advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017

It has numerous features that make it user friendly seeing that it is not a complex software. It is known by all and sundry due to the way it has become compatible with the smart phones, tablets, and various windows operating systems, the latest being Windows 10. It is easy to store and secure online and track its progress once you send. The smartphone that you have now can organize a pdf document as you wish using adobe acrobat standard 2017. Be that as it may, adobe acrobat standard 2017 has been questioned by many since it is easily attacked by viruses. You have to keep updating it. Moreover, some of the user complained that it occupies a large portion of their tablets. Some have also said that it should be made in a manner that one does not need to install it but can open it online and read a document on their phone.  

Common questions asked


Adobe acrobat standard 2017 has come in handy since it has solved many problems that were previously associated with Microsoft office documents. It is easy to manipulate and does not need a lot of editing for it to work. It works well anywhere anytime.

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