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It is not uncommon for users to lose data through malware, user error, damage of PC, or even theft. Also, you do not schedule for data loss, which means you can lose your data at any time. Hence, the need for you to back up your data, to cater for such incidents. Cyber threats are also on the rise, which calls for measures to counter maleficent activities such as malware and ransomware. Data recovery is also a vital activity, and most users will need to retrieve their backed up data as fast as possible for the smooth continuance of operations. In response to these needs, the Acronis True Image 2019 provides the most comprehensive backup and protection solutions to users. 


Acronis True Image 2019 WeeklyReviewer acronis true imageAcronis True Image 2019 WeeklyReviewer acronis true image

If you are looking for a solution that will ensure you will never lose another file again or for a cybersecurity solution that counters the evolving cyber threats, then the Acronis True Image is the right software for your needs. We all need efficient solutions to the problems that face our daily activities. True image software has extensive capabilities that provide several backup options, which ensures there is always a copy of your file or entire system; it also ensures that users can easily retrieve their stored backups without too much hassle. Besides, their cyber threat counter solutions have been designed to provide maximum protection against the evolving cyber threats we are always facing. 


This is the 15th-anniversary edition of this personal backup software, and its evolution over the years has brought changes that have been useful to users. First, using True Image allows you to back up everything. It is not selective on the type of files to backup. This means you can back up your operating systems, applications, social media accounts, setting, photos, and videos. It is the ultimate solution to all your personal backup needs. This software can also be used on mobile platforms, i.e., android and iOS platforms. This function makes it easy to backup data both on your computer and on mobile devices. A significant benefit of this product is that it offers dual protection in that you can back up data on an external hard drive, local hard drive, or NAS and cloud. This dual backup doubles to offer easy retrieval of the data when needed. 


This product has unique features that make it the best backup software for your needs. 

  • Dual protection. This feature ensures that data can be backed up into local drives and on the Acronis cloud storage. 
  • Two-click storage feature. With just two clicks, you get to store your data on local drives, external hard drives, NAS, and on the cloud. The third click prompts you for advanced options. This feature also allows you to select the backup option for your data, that is, incremental, differential, or super flexible scheduling. You can also choose to receive email notifications under this feature. 
  • Through mirror imaging, you get to protect all your data, whether operating systems, settings, and any other files. 
  • Data from mobile devices can be backed up to your PC, NAS, or cloud storage. You can also transfer stored data from one mobile device to others, such as from android to iOS. 

Customer satisfaction 

The general positive feedback is that Acronis True Image is the best product for personal backup solutions. Users find it easy to access and retrieve their data whenever they need it. The interface is also attractive, and it makes it easy to navigate to the functions you want to use. Another outstanding praise on the software is its capability to back up different types of data. In addition, the ability to clone an internal hard drive, the universal restore, and backing up the whole system are some of the utilities that have proven to be satisfying to the users. However, most users complain that the scroll bars are too tiny and often require a lot of mouse work to navigate. The software is also very large and takes a lot of time to install. It also needs a lot of memory on the PC, which can result in slowing down other activities. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

The software allows you to migrate data from one storage to another. It is easy to retrieve data that was backed up. The dual protection feature, in particular, ensures that no data is lost. The user interface is also friendly enough to allow easy navigation to the sectors you wish to visit. The mirror imaging capability is a useful feature in protecting users against malware and ransomware. The software, however, has one limitation. It leaves a substantial footprint on your computer such that it may slow down the overall performance of the PC. 

Common Questions Asked 


Acronis True Image 2019 is a comprehensive product that captures all your back up needs. Its scalability does not limit it to personal use only. This product can be used in large organizations to satisfy their back up needs. It offers different backup solutions, giving you a choice to select one that suits you best. Installing this software will ensure that you will never lose any file again. This is emphasized by the dual protection feature that allows data to be stored in local or external hard drives and on the Acronis cloud storage. Features such as the double click one make it easy for users to operate the program. Lastly, it accepts all types of data while offering you protection from cyber threats using the Acronis Secure Zone. 

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