5 Tips How to Make a Perfect Landing Page in Wix

5 Tips How to Make a Perfect Landing Page in Wix


When creating an online advertising campaign, the following question must have arisen within your marketing team: should we redirect the ads to the website or to a landing page? While websites generally have a lot of information, landing pages (also called landing pages) are meant to get people in touch with a business quickly. That is why it may be advisable to use them.

In fact, such pages do not encourage browsing for several tens of minutes. The goal is for people to fill out a contact form or end up calling the company directly. Therefore, we offer five tips to create an effective landing page in wix, which can increase the number of contacts for your business.

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5 Tips How to Make a Perfect Landing Page in Wix WeeklyReviewer Landing page in wix


Design is the first thing people see. Therefore, it is important to adopt a clear and organized design so that users do not feel lost when they come to your page. So make sure you have a title and subtitle and that the information is easy to read.

Avoid weighing your page by inserting dozens of images. Use a photo that reflects the theme of your page. In addition, it is highly recommended that the main information and its form appear in the upper half of the page to encourage users to become more interested in your services.

Shopify has created an effective landing page in wix with a simple but clear design to promote its 14-day free trial. As we can see below, the title indicates precisely what the company offers: “Sell online with Shopify” (and “Sell online with Shopify”. And the subtitle indicates a brand of trust for Internet users: “With the trusted by more than 325,000 companies worldwide. ”

Then, users just have to enter their email address to start their free trial. Therefore, the procedure is very simple and the information is read quickly thanks to the short sentences listed.


When people reach a landing page, it is important that they understand why they are on that page in seconds. Using the Shopify example, the call to action goes straight to the point: “Start your 14-day free trial today!”

This makes it easier to understand that by entering their email address, users will be able to start using Shopify. Another call to action is used on the button in the “Get started” form, which can encourage the number of records.


For a page to be effective, it is recommended that the form be short so that users are not reluctant to complete it. Avoid asking for information, such as birthdays, which may be useless for a first contact. Obviously, so-called unnecessary fields depend on the field in which your company specializes.

If your company can afford to request a minimum of information through the form, take the opportunity to offer some fields that can be completed in just a few seconds. The faster the form is completed, the more users will appreciate it!


As the number of people using their smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet increases, it is essential that the landing page in wix responds to be effective.

Having a responsive page can increase your chances of conversions because Internet users can read your information without having to zoom in on your screen. Furthermore, responsive allows them to fill out a form easily, regardless of the type of device used. So if your page is not suitable for all screen types, you risk high bounce rate and losing leads!

Wix landing pages can help you increase your audience and promote your products and services. Published landing pages are easy to share on the web or other Wix campaigns, allowing you to start generating traffic right away. Also, if your page contains a signup form, you can assign tags to subscribers.

Check out LeadPages for a easy premium solution to building landing pages. Leadpages sign up now for a 14 free day trial!

We recommend trying Clickfunnels’ One Funnel Away Challenge with marketing landing pages. You can also sign up for a 30 Summit along with their Traffic Secrets guide!

Browse the landing pages in Wix.

Landing pages must be associated with an audience on your account. Once your page is published, you can no longer modify the audience. The landing page editor does not prevent you from publishing the default content in your layout. We recommend that you preview your landing page and check your settings before posting.

Iframes and custom HTML cannot be used on landing pages. Since merge tags individually extract contact data from your audience, they cannot be used on public landing pages. You must be an account administrator or have a higher user level to add tags to landing pages.

Create a landing page in wix

First, you’ll name your new landing page and choose an audience. If your landing page doesn’t have a signup form, new subscribers will be added to this audience.

Format content

Now you will choose a template and add its content. Some models are specially designed to collect subscribers or promote products, but you can add a Registration Form block or a Product block to the structure of your choice.

Add page title

Now you will choose the title of your page. The page title appears in the visitors web browser. Therefore, it is important that you describe its content.

Add a URL

Each user can create a URL using the Mailchimp domain and add their verified email domain to it as a subdomain. If you want to use a more professional URL, such as your brand, please note that we offer paid custom domains, at an additional cost.

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