17Sing APP 8.0 update Improves UX and brings new features for social interaction

TAIPEI, Oct. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 17sing APP launches 8.0 version on September 27, 2022. With “Simple Singing” as the core concept, improving User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), and creating digital communities that empower users to connect, share music knowledge, and spread their ideas. Compared with the previous version, the 17sing APP 8.0 UX design is needing less and getting more, which is more convenient for the users and easier to start singing. At the same time, it also meets the needs of users such as live streaming, user content viewing, singing and chatting. The main feature of 17sing 8.0 is “digital Community”, which opens social interaction and solves users’ engagement challenges.

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Sing Duet karaoke songs online, and sing together at home!

17sing APP is based on a user-centered model and builds from the users’ perspective and with their satisfaction in mind at all times. Meanwhile, paying attention to the emerging trends of APP development, and continuously optimizing the experience of innovative functions. The newly launched “Live Duet Singing” app function solves the problem in terms of Social distance, finding friends in the karaoke room, and singing duets in real-time makes growing social circle easier. It has truly achieved a virtual karaoke and can experience the joy of live Duet singing at home.

The functions of version 8.0 have been fully optimized and upgraded. To improve the user’s experience on live stream, Viewers can hide the live comment by swiping right. Comments are engaging and entertaining but can also be distracting, disabling comments can be easier to watch live stream. At the same time, new features including a variety of expressions and AI-based games have been added to the karaoke recording station to maximize the experience and attract more singing lovers. Not only that, the karaoke song publishing function is optimized to support @ friends, the person who has been tagged will be notified immediately when your song is published, and the interaction between the two parties will be more engaging

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Improve User Experience and provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users

The 8.0 17sing APP has been upgraded to enhance the personalized experience and optimize the layout of all information on the homepage showcasing high-quality user-generated content. This upgrade also introduces more personalized content on the homepage, including functions such as “Discovery Page” and ” Digital Community”, which support a personalized recommendations for users. Through 17sing’s big data algorithm, personalized music recommendation is made, which makes the APP function more in line with the needs of users.

In version 8.0, the homepage recommendation area adopts a double-column layout to present the content, which makes the page display clearer and the layout more simple and beautiful. The double-column layout makes the operation easier for users. When sliding the page, new content is automatically loaded at the bottom, which is convenient for users to browse and improves the experience of singing lovers. In addition, this version has a new functional section for a dynamic display, optimized design details such as the display of the karaoke room, and improved the user’s visual experience.

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The new features bring people together based on music interests and goals

A faster pace of life is associated with greater stress, which can now be released easily. Singing is one of the best platforms where emotions can be expressed in the best possible sense. Singing is may help reduce stress and improve quality of life. Singing releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones and also suppresses stress hormones to improve mood, and reduce stress. As a karaoke software, 17sing App has created a relaxed atmosphere for users to sing happily. In addition, the singing and recording process is simple and easy to use, and countless users have created many high-quality singing works on 17sing App, bringing a lot of life stories with strength and warmth.

Singing lovers gather in the 17sing APP, forming a music interest digital community. 17sing APP version 8.0 launched the digital community function, opened a new mode of online interest-based platform for young people, and created a trendy digital community. 17sing APP officially operates “Community circles” with different themes, where users can share their everyday life in form of pictures or videos, easily find like-minded people, and release pressure. The digital circle carries the fragments of users’ daily life and records their emotions. In the “Digital interest-based circle”, every post will be discovered by other people, and every song will be listened to in the 17sing app.

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About 17sing:

As a Karaoke entertainment mobile software, 17sing APP has continuously upgraded functions and brings new features.”17sing, your mobile singing APP” 17sing is a mobile karaoke app and also working on its pan-entertainment features.17sing 8.0 upgrade is based on the concept of simple singing, which responds to the key needs of mobile karaoke users. The new version is more simple and more convenient for users and has more interesting features to explore. Meanwhile, an officially operated digital community seperate the theme of interests, which allows the users to meet and share singing skills. The new features of the digital community aim to create an atmosphere that users love to share and connect. 17sing 8.0 version is backing to the root of the main function which is singing, and the new version injects more vitality into karaoke and also opens up a more exciting music experience for users.

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17Sing APP 8.0 update Improves UX and brings new features for social interaction WeeklyReviewer

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